Enterprise eLearning software solutions


We provide our clients with quality services, creating effective eLearning software solutions that include:

HRM / eLearning platform development
We build HRM / eLearning platforms for employee onboarding and creating efficient business ecosystem. A customer receives the possibility to track results and progress, educate staff, ensure that they acquire required skills and gain necessary knowledge.   

eLearning application development
Our skilled developers know how to turn your idea into a smart solution. We build eLearning applications to train your employees, simplify their work, teach and engage your customers or ones of the end clients. Using cutting-edge technologies, we make rich-functional modern apps.

eLearning software solution integration
Our company integrates client’s eLearning software solutions to the end customers. We take into account all company business specific needs and objectives and make a tailored customization according to them. We also provide post-launch solution maintenance.

Benefits you can get with integrated eLearning software solution:

  1. Automated onboarding process
  2. Increased workers’ productivity
  3. Team cohesion development
  4. Effective educational environment
  5. Easy-to-use reporting system
  6. User certification & rewarding
  7. Career roadmaps management
  8. Results evaluation surveys
  9. Tracking user performance
  10. Automatic user statistics


eLearning application / platform development for:

  • Employee onboarding
  • Test, quiz, and exam preparation
  • Employee performance analysis
  • Course program & progress management
  • Student training and certification
  • Smart educational ecosystem
  • Convenient communication between certain groups
  • Training and guiding employees


Features we can implement in eLearning software solution:

  • Gamification concepts
  • Data visualization
  • Media streaming
  • Augmented reality
  • Data storage & security
  • Templates for reports, tests, exams, etc.
  • User dashboards
  • Scoring system
  • Real-time statistics
  • Document sharing
  • Automatic data update


Smartym provides eLearning application / platform development services. We implement innovative methods in the educational process and use cutting-edge technologies to ensure the best quality for our customers. We also offer our clients reasonable recommendations of how to meet company demands and enhance different working processes.    

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