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Event Management

Event management and promotion solutions


We deliver high-quality event management and promotion solutions that meet client’s business specific needs. Event management and promotion apps are indispensable tools for event planners, marketers, and managers helping them to easily handle a lot of activities.

Take a look which tasks and challenges an event management app can solve!


Event planning challenges:

  • Even participants registration
  • Speakers registration
  • Speakers search
  • Hotel booking
  • Venue search
  • Creating agenda for the event
  • Seating planning
  • Event schedule planning
  • Agenda management
  • Allocation of exhibition floorspace
  • Allocation of equipment required for the event
  • Request processing


Event marketing tasks:

  • Email campaigns plan and launch
  • Personalized invitations sending
  • Communication with the target audience: targeted emails
  • Attendee messaging
  • Newsletters preparing and scheduling
  • Push notifications sending
  • Statistics gathering and analysing
  • Feedback collecting and measuring


Event financial issues:

  • Control and tracking of event expenses
  • Payments tracking
  • Payments reminders
  • Pre-event budget calculation
  • Evaluation of the overall financial performance
  • Revenue streams calculation
  • Tracking spending of vendors
  • Event budget monitoring in real-time

Also, one of the main trends is developing mobile apps for event participants including speakers and attendees, or a two-side mobile application: one for a management side and the other for participants of the event.

Check out which tasks event management apps can solve for event participants.


Opportunities for event participants:

  • Live voting/polling
  • Submitting questions to event speakers during Q&A
  • Leaving comments
  • Agenda viewing
  • Speaker’s biography viewing
  • Simple registration
  • Payment processing
  • Communication between speakers and attendees
  • Seating plan viewing and search
  • Event schedule viewing
  • Information updates viewing
  • Notifications / reminders receiving


Features we can implement in an event management and / or promotion app:

  • Uploading excel tables
  • Creating tables
  • Comment mode
  • Data visualization (interactive dashboards)
  • Real-time mode
  • Information last-minute updates
  • Notification system
  • Venue search according to input data / search requirements
  • Contact base
  • Social sharing
  • Social media integration (Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, etc.)
  • Analytical tools integration (Localytics, Flurry, Google Analytics)
  • Pre-built content layouts for email marketing campaigns
  • Pre-built reporting templates
  • GPS navigation



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