Insurance software development

We ensure quality insurance application development services. Our skilled professionals use cutting-edge technologies and delve in your business specific goals to deliver the best solution possible.


Insurance application development

  • Billing and payment apps
  • Document management solutions
  • Applications for HR department
  • Apps for insurance agents
  • Online portals
  • CRM solutions to automate insurance operations
  • Claims management software


Insurance software solutions can be used for:


  • Business process automation by integrating a web or mobile application in the company providing convenient reporting system, contact database, document management opportunities, ability to send push notifications, etc.     
  • Customer service enhancement by offering a mobile app with notification system, ability to connect insurance agent at any moment, calculate costs, purchase insurance company services / products, sign up for a consultation, etc.


Insurance software solutions can provide the following opportunities:

  • Order and register insurance certificates
  • Enroll insurance policies with secure payment facility
  • Evaluate damage and calculate the amount of work required in case of an accident
  • Inform an insurance agent about the accident and get instructions of how to act in a certain situation
  • Process requests (insurance claims management system)
  • Calculate insurance operational risk
  • Generate insurance certificates
  • Prepare and launch email marketing campaigns
  • Quickly calculate the cost of insurance services, products, etc.
  • Inform customers about special offers and discounts


Get insight in features we can implement in insurance application

  • Notification system including in-app notifications
  • Pre-built reporting templates
  • Email and call tracking
  • Payment tracking
  • Payment gateways
  • Customized calculator
  • GPS navigation
  • Calendar
  • Interactive dashboards
  • Contact & client databases with information automatic update system
  • Document submission and review
  • Analytical tools integration
  • Online cloud storage
  • Document export and import

Here at Smartym we create efficient and reliable insurance software solutions. Our working process starts with gathering and analysing customer’s requirements to get understanding project goals.
This thoughtful approach helps us to deliver the product that solves client’s operational challenges and encourages company’s success. Our talented specialists take care of the final result and provide smart recommendations during the project if needed.  

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