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Enterprise Big Data software solutions

For now Big Data is one of the main trends in the world of technologies. Big Data refers to huge amounts of information being produced every second, including complex, raw, and usually, unsorted information gathered from various sources.
Big Data software solutions have a plenty of advantages allowing companies and corporations to analyse data faster and more efficiently, enhance business processes, automate decision-making process, develop more effective and accurate business strategies.
Big Data processing is a set of methods for gathering and analysing large amounts of information, including either structured or unstructured data, for further transforming into valuable information

Big Data software development can be used for:


  • Data processing and analysis – take the right actions, enhance decision-making process
  • Cleaning and normalizing enterprise data – maintain a complete of information
  • Efficient data segmentation – segment information to get an accurate view
  • Processing and synthesizing data from multiple internal and external sources – transforming raw data into valuable information
  • Data consolidation into a single, comprehensive view of prospects – understand your prospects, develop a successful strategy
  • Listening to social media – analyse company social media presence, find out people’s opinions, conduct competitor research in social media


Get the following benefits by developing Big Data applications:


  • Automated and improved decision-making process
  • Enhanced business strategy development, involving marketing strategy, products / services promotion, company growth strategy development, etc.
  • Effective predictive analysis
  • Better risk management and analysis
  • Efficient data mining and research
  • Data warehousing
  • Analysing company performance
  • Quick and efficient processing of unstructured data
  • Improved task management and right prioritization
  • Automated presentation generation


Cases of using Big Data software solutions:

1. E-commerce platform
We develop and integrate e-commerce platforms that allow to analyse sales data, predict sales trends, and get real-time reports in a convenient format.
E-commerce platform can perform such tasks as:

  • Prediction of sales trends
  • Price modeling: prices recommendation based on sales and market analysis
  • Statistical analysis of sales and marketing data
  • Prediction of customer demand
  • Automated reporting system
  • Data processing and display on interactive dashboards


2. Digital marketing platform
Understanding of your project objectives and business industry needs, we make solutions that enable to get a deep insight in customer behavior, improve customer service, and increase profit as a result.
A digital marketing platform can solve the following operational challenges:

  • Tracking visitor’s / customer’s actions including activity (action) time, purchasing history, social media data analysis, etc.  
  • Determination of customer needs and preference
  • Customer segmentation
  • Analysis of customer journey and providing them with recommendations to purchase certain goods and services based on customer data investigation

3. Financial data analysis and modeling
We make secure and scalable Big Data software solutions for banking and finance, that help companies and institutions collect and analyse large amounts of data from multiple sources and transform them into valuable information.
We can develop and integrate a financial solution that will provide the following capabilities:

  • Taking data from online sources, their investigation
  • Real-time reporting: reports based on statistical analysis in a convenient view (data visualization)
  • Decision-support system based on data processing results
  • Trades visualization
  • Aggregation of customer surveys and recommendations of optimal prices


4. Market research

Market research is essential for business success. Thanks to that a company can find the most appropriate market niche, make competitor analysis, the most effective channels of services/products promotion, the best product packaging.
A Big Data solution for market research can perform such tasks as:

  • Taking and processing customer data from social media sources: customer likes, dislikes, and comments, reviews
  • Gathering and investigating competitor data: reviews, ratings, comments, likes, dislikes, company area, market niche, etc.
  • Data visualization and visual real-time reporting system


Here at Smartym, we provide quality Big Data software development services. Our skilled professionals, cutting-edge technologies we use, and our effective workflow allow us to ensure the best result possible.
Starting project development with gathering and your requirements, we create Big Data applications that solve your operational challenges and improve the performance of your company.

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