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Business Intelligence software development  


Smartym provides quality Business Intelligence software development services. We build and integrate BI solutions customized to your company’s specific needs and project goals. Our specialists offer meaningful recommendations during the working process and ensure the efficient result.
Business Intelligence software solutions can serve for multiple purposes, solving a wide range of operational challenges, from business processes automation (strategic planning, decision-making, problem-solving) to managing and tracking all business activities within the company.

Business Intelligence application development for:


  • Business reporting for sales, marketing, financial reporting
  • Business process management (BPM)
  • Budgeting and forecasting
  • Data mining, data management
  • Information processing (data gathering, extraction, warehousing, data analysis, and statistics)
  • Decision support system (ranking, sorting or choosing among alternatives; result is the enhancement and automation of decision-making process)
  • Customer data analysis
  • Problem-solving
  • Business strategy development / strategic planning
  • Business activity monitoring (real-time report of business activities and operations)
  • Financial planning and management
  • Company performance analysis and estimation
  • In-depth analytics of information collected from multiple sources


Industries where BI solutions can be applied:


Travel, Banking and Finance, eLearning, eCommerce, Healthcare, Insurance, Logistics, Retail, HRM

Examples of Business Intelligence software solutions for your business

1. BI platform for market analysis, SWOT analysis, competitor research
To stay competitive each company has to know its strong and weak sides, calculate financial risks, know rivals, determine inceptive trends, analyze sales for different periods and business efficiency indicators as well.
Thus, you can integrate a BI application development solution that would be able to complete such tasks as:

  • Gather, clean, and analyse data from multiple information sources and display the results on interactive dashboards (data visualization)
  • Analyse sales process within an enterprise, define the most popular products, and areas of possible enhancement
  • Make comparison analysis (of products, companies / competitors), process customer feedback, and predict market trends
  • Analyse the key company performance indicators and conduct SWOT analysis


2. BI software solution for building efficient decision support system
Fast and right decisions play a great role in company success. And this is a field BI solution can especially useful. Decisions are taken based on quality up-to-date information help companies to avoid mistakes and money losses.
You can develop a Business Intelligence platform that would perform the following tasks:

  • Fast and effective processing large amounts of data, collected from various information sources
  • Creation of planning models, profitability models, comparison models, evaluation models
  • Access to up-to-date information and reports for both remote and office employees, from any place, from any device


3. BI solution for creating effective reporting system
Convenient reporting system provides any company with many advantages. One of them is automation of such processes as report preparation, collection, and analysis.
With the help of a BI application, there won’t need to retrieve unlimited reports from multiple Excel tables – they all will be stored in one place.

So, such solution can enable your company to:

  • Minimize expenses and labor efforts required for preparation of different kinds of reports
  • Receive statistical data in real-time; data is processed and results of their analysis are displayed on interactive dashboards, tables, etc. with constant updates
  • Reduce time for report checking, view, and analysis, as well as increase quality of information (building reports based on the most accurate intelligence)
  • Create a single source for data secure storage: the information is gathered from various sources and stored in a single place.


4. BI system for customer intelligence investigation
Quality customer service is one of the key success factors. Happy clients, many clients – high profit. The purpose of improving customer service is a challenging task, that includes an understanding of the target audiences, their needs, preferences, gathering feedback, analyzing the efficiency of marketing campaigns, and constant improvements based on received information.
Thus, you can integrate a complex BI platform that would allow the following:

  • Gather analytical data from various channels: mobile apps, websites, social media, etc. as well as statistics of digital marketing campaigns
  • Analyse customer shopping habits, purchasing histories, search histories, engagement rate (speaking about mobile apps, social media campaigns)
  • Define target audiences and their needs
  • Improve lead generation process – you get more leads with the system suggesting communication models (with potential customers) to your employees: they get meaningful advice based on real-time data


5. BI platform for budgeting, forecasting, strategic planning, predictive analysis, company performance analysis
You can develop and integrate a custom BI application development solution to establish effective planning and analytic system within the company.

You can embrace the whole planning cycle, from defining objective, time and budget, to reporting, calculation of risks, and predictive analysis.

A Business Intelligence system can solve such challenges as:

  • Processing large data volumes, transforming raw unstructured data into valuable information
  • Providing both office and remote employees with the ability of simultaneous work on different tasks and projects
  • Building various business models: comparison of prices, product characteristics, profitability models, etc.
  • Calculation of time and budget required for completion of different plans, projects, operations
  • Goal establishment for different periods, calculation of risks, determination of the best ways for company development and goals accomplishment (based on quality up-to-date information and its analysis)
  • Tracking employee activities and monitoring business processes: viewing employee schedules, statuses, checking payments, statuses of deals, and more

We ensure quality Business Intelligence application development services. We create and integrate customized BI solutions tailored to your industry needs and requirements. We make products that meet your objectives and enhance your company performance.
Our skilled engineers use cutting-edge technologies which allow us to deliver modern and secure Business Intelligence software solutions.

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