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IoT application development


Smartym offers quality IoT application development services. We build IoT solutions that solve your tasks and challenges and meet your business specific needs.

Industries where IoT solutions can be applied:

Retail, Transport and Logistics, Healthcare, Advertising, Automotive, Communications, Consumer Goods, Education, Hospitality, Industrial Manufacturing, Media and Entertainment, Tourism

We provide the following IoT solutions:


  • Application for traffic monitoring and optimization
  • IoT app for devices remote control
  • Applications as a retail solution for learning customer behaviour, creating notification system, and enhanced supply chain and inventory management
  • Solutions for data gathering from connected devices (sensors, devices, beacons), their analysis and transmit
  • IoT application to integrate innovative treatment methods in healthcare
  • Solution for heating & lighting control
  • Mobile or web IoT app as a logistic / retail solution for inventory management enhancement
  • Application as a logistic / retail solution for supply chain management improvement
  • Mobile or web application as a transport / location management solution to control drivers’ activity
  • Solutions to exclude human participation from a wide range of operations
  • Solutions to track traffic activities & automatically build optimal routes & send warning signals to drivers
  • IoT app for receiving / sending automatic notifications on smartphone
  • Applications to integrate innovative approaches in agriculture industry
  • Apps for electricity saving and building/city security assurance
  • Solutions for enhanced fleet management
  • Software solutions for connected manufacturing
  • Apps for gathering and analysing customer data
  • Solutions to encourage extensive use of smart things and create smart parking, lighting systems, smart homes


We keep us with the trends and use up-to-date technologies. Taking care of the final result and client’s success, we develop reliable modern IoT apps that solve customer’s operational challenges.

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