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Before we start working


You may have a software specification, or requirements for your software solution, or just an idea. We’ll be ready to estimate the cost of its implementation. But the more information you can provide about the project, the more accurate our estimation will be.

Of course, it depends on the project. But in situations where there is not much time and it’s necessary to test the idea as soon as possible, we offer an MVP development. Concentrating on core necessities rather than secondary functionality, we empower you to test your product on early adopters just in 3 months.

As soon as possible. Typically, the period of preparation for the start of the project can take up to two weeks

You don’t have to worry about different time-zones, our team members are always ready to be in contact with you any time that will be most comfortable for both sides. We have experience in working with countries that have 12 hours difference and more, and there was never any trouble in communicating since we are carefully planning together with the customer all the meetings and other project-related stuff together.

When dealing with offshore development, there can appear such risks as:

1. Data security and privacy risks – to mitigate this risk, we always sign an NDA with our customers and security protocols, when needed.

2. Hidden costs risks – we are always precise and transparent, when it comes to costs and workforce, so you don’t have to worry about such a thing as extra charges. Everything that concerns the costs, is strictly determined in the contract and SLA.

3. Communication risks – our team speaks several foreign languages, and most of the members have a full proficiency level, so there will be no intercultural problems or misunderstandings throughout the whole development process.

Of course, Smartym Pro doesn’t provide only development services, but also we are glad to offer our clients Software Maintenance services, App modernisation services as well as Project Rescue services.

It depends on many factors: whether it’s a mobile or web application, the complexity of the technology stack, the number of team members needed, the service level and many others. We always negotiate with our clients about the prices and are able to find the most appropriate cost-effective variant for everyone.

We have 3 pricing models:

1. Fixed price  This model is suggested for cooperation in cases when the projects are well-defined. Well-defined means there is a well-documented scope and clear system requirements. According to this approach, before the start of development, our team estimates the timeframes of the potential project and the total cost. Then we present our detailed assessment to the client and coordinate everything. The final agreed price, as well as the project’s scope of work, are not subject to change, thus ensuring the lowest risks for both parties;

2. Time & Material  According to this cooperation model, our managed team is assigned to a certain project for one particular client. The necessary functionality is delivered on demand, which allows changing the project’s team size and scope at any phase of the development cycle to enable the optimum balance between efforts and costs;

3. Dedicated Team  When you choose our “Dedicated team” service, you get access to the pool of technically skilled professionals with various business domains knowledge. Opting for a dedicated team, the client receives full control over the project flow, he can hand-pick the team members, vary the project’s scope and the requirements.

We can offer you our app modernisation services. Smartym Pro’s experts analyse your legacy software, together with you we think over the best solution: data modernization, remediation or re-platforming (e.g. migration to Cloud), etc. Take a closer look at our app modernisation services.

We are always ready to give a hand and provide a Project rescue service. Our team of experts carefully audit the current state of your project in order to define the problem, provide consulting services in order to help you figure out the available ways of project rescue. Also we can provide a better team for you, that will certainly satisfy both the quality and the deadlines needs. And finally our team is able to rescue the whole code of the project.

Our team has a deep expertise in blockchain technology and our experts can provide consulting services for you. We have a lot of recognized experience in implementing and adapting blockchain to business needs. Write us a letter, and we will contact you in order to give the best advice for you business and how to correctly implement blockchain or suggest another more suitable solution.

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Development workflow


Discovery is a stage preceding project development, implying knowledge transfer (including but not limited to general workflow), elaboration on missing requirements, design and accurate project estimation in terms of money and time.

Whatever the project is, we split the development into two stages: Discovery and Development stage. So as to avoid any hidden costs that may further appear after the project launch we start from the investigation – our so-called Discovery stage – to shape the project idea in detail and estimate it. Afterwards, we develop the project following the output of the Discovery stage.

For important e-mails (like follow-ups, documents) we use Gmail, for daily communication with the team and the customer we create a channel in Slack, where we can discuss everything that concerns the project, any time of the day. For calls and video-conferences we usually choose Hangouts. How often do we communicate? No restrictions, we are always ready to answer to all your questions and organize additional meetings on demand.

Your involvement as a customer will be very important, since our aim is to make a product that will meet all your demands and requirements at their fullest. This being said, it is essential that the client should be very precise with his wishes and needs and be ready to answer some questions concerning our future work. And of course, the customer is always involved in regular meetings, where we talk about the progress we’ve made so far, to let the client know about every expect of the development process.

Security of our applications is one of the fundamentals in our work. All the projects under our control are strictly compliant with GDPR politics, international security standards and always go through very detailed security tests by our QA engineers. We always use only proven technologies and methodologies.

Our team constantly keeps in touch with the clients via Slack. Most of the time you will be communicating with the Project Manager and Business Analyst, however other members of the team are also available to answer all your technical questions.

Of course, we provide additional software maintenance services. They are not inculded in the development service, however, if you want our team to provide post-release activities for your project (and it doesn’t necessarily have to be a project developed initially by our team), we will sign an additional SLA. Our software maintenance services include: bug fixing, release cycles, servers monitoring and others activities on demand.

In most of our projects we stick to Agile development methodologies, preferably Scrum. However, our experts are also able to work according to the Waterfall methodology.
We pick the most suitable methodology together with you, the choice will depend on the project’s specifics and your preferences.

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Our experience


You can check the company’s references on clutch and goodfirms. We’re sure, this lets you get a more impartial and independent look at how we performed for clients.

All the team members in Smartym Pro are highly skilled – all middle or senior developers. Besides, our developers are constantly upgrading their skills, they are always keeping in touch with the latest trends, changes in technologies and new ways of achieving our customers’ goals.

The quality of our developers’ code is being constantly reviewed via SonarQube. And what concerns our QA-engineers, they execute a full-set of software tests regularly during each development iteration: smoke-testing, functional testing, load testing, security testing and others.

We have been delivering projects for clients all over the world since 2012. Throughout these 7 years we’ve been constantly improving our expertise and developing new skills to be able to suggest our clients only the most relevant solutions.

Our team utilizes the most relevant and effective technologies. However, the most core technolgies we use are: Java for Android apps, Swift for iOS, JavaScript for Web Applications and also React Native framework for mobile applications in general. In our Blockchain projects we use Solidity and Truffle as well as provide customised Hyperledger solutions.

Ever since 2012 we have delivered more than 100 unique projects. And more to come. Be the one to become our new guest, you are always welcome here at Smartym Pro!

We have worked with numerous absolutely diverse industries, we delivered Healthcare solutions, eCommerce projects, Sales, Real estate solutions as well as Logistics development, eLearning, Manufacturing and many others. Check out our portfolio to find out what other industries we have delivered services for.

Our team consists of 50+ software development experts: mobile and web developers, backend and frontend, blockchain, as well as professional project managers and business analysts. Each member of our development team is aimed at the best result, that’s why we always give our employees opportunities to continuously enhance their skills.

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