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Our services

  • iOS App

    Gorgeous apps for the most innovative mobile OS on the market. iOS development for iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, Apple TV

  • Android App

    Delivering your ideas to the biggest mobile audience possible. Android development for Phones, Tablets, Wearables, Google TV

  • Cross-platform

    Keeping up with tech trends, we use efficient cross-platform tool to deliver great mobile applications that meet all your needs.

Startup Development

MVP enables our customers to test if their idea works in the market by receiving user feedback as soon as possible, and skip or quickly change the course of development accordingly.

Great solution for:


  • Test a new niche
  • To validate the feasibility of an idea

Innovate SMBs

  • Service improvement
  • Expansion of the influence zone

UI/UX Design

We create design solutions for various types of mobile apps. Our experts work by focusing on the needs of the end-users, making it a key part of the entire process of app development.

  • Smooth design approval workflow
  • 3 weeks from initial idea to prototype
  • Interactive prototyping
  • 100% compliance with UI/UX guidelines

Solutions we are really good at

  • Loyalty programs

    Efficient apps to enforce sales, build brand and customer loyalty, increase customer retention rate and ARPU.

  • Business process automation

    With BPA app trigger and optimise company operations and activities: sales, marketing, service, management, HR, supply chain, finance, and more.

  • edTech & eLearning

    Powerful e-learning solutions, LMS and M-Learning App for students or business, packed with interactive designs and great simplicity.

  • Media & Entertainment

    Multifunctional and easy-to-use applications will engage your audience and meet all their requirements.

  • Social Networks

    Let's create an engaging social media application with high scalability and rich functionality that provides great user experience and usability.

  • FinTech

    We are ready to help you in the area of Digital Banking, Blockchain solutions, B2B payment processors and Remittances.

Featured projects

Judge by what our clients tell about us

  • Software Development for Blockchain Company

    The solution worked flawlessly and was completed long before other elements of the launch. Smartym Pro asked insightful questions, offered helpful advice, and taught the internal team best practices. Their affordable pricing and quick turnarounds made the collaboration enjoyable.

    Managing Director, Peloton Blockchain

  • Mobile App Development for Bundle Loyalty System

    The current product version has convinced stakeholders of its technical merits and future marketability post-development. Smartym Pro’s responsiveness, flexibility, and willingness to invest considerable attention in the solution’s viability continue to impress.

    Co-Founder, Bundle Loyalty

  • Mobile App Development for Startup Sales Platform

    Smartym Pro has been very detail-oriented in all aspects of the project, from the cost of apps and quality of work to time requirements, deadlines, and rule compliance. The system has a low rate of error and issues are resolved within 48 hours. The team of this mobile application development company is collaborative and communicates well.

    Founder, Admark

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