Startup development. MVP in 3 months

Concentrating on core necessities rather than secondary functions, we enable you to test your idea with a slick MVP within just 3 months.

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Components of successful lean startup development

  • Predictable Budget

    When developing an MVP, our focus lies on the bare minimum your app needs to shine, which allows us to avoid overspending on features that could be delivered later on - we respect and stay within the budget.

  • Agile approach

    Our MVP delivery process is made up of 6 two-weeks sprints, and after each one, you’ll get to see the result and have your say on further development - in the end, you’ll undoubtedly get what you expected.

  • Quick go-to-market

    We understand the importance of testing a new concept ASAP, so we deliver game-changing products within just 3 months.

  • Full-cycle development

    From initial estimations to the app’s release, we take care of all the development stages - you’ll never have to look for another team in the middle of the delivery process.

Lean startup development process

    • Requirement elicitation

      This stage consists of knowledge transfer sessions during which we receive the existing requirements, think of what may be missing and identify the main features.

    • UI/UX design

      Based on the provided requirements, our experts cover the entire UI/UX design process - from conceptualization to high-fidelity screens, collecting feedback from you up until the final approval.

    • What you get:

      • Technical specification
      • Roadmap and backlog
      • Final design
    • Agile Development

      Our agile development process uses Kanban for frequent software delivery and frequent reviewing, so you’ll be able to literally “touch” your product on a regular basis.

    • Testing

      Our well-versed QA-team meticulously tests the MVP to ensure reliability and high performance.

    • What you get:

      • Final demo
    • Closing review

      Our team, together with you, will thoroughly go through each and every detail for the final time, eliminating any grey areas before the long-awaited release.

    • Finishing touch

      If there are still any minor tweaks necessary, we'll make quick fixes, without fall behind schedule too much.

    • What you get:

      • Closed Beta
    • Release

      Once all the backlog tasks are completed and the MVP is ready for the market, we help you to release it. Web products are uploaded to the production server, whereas mobile apps are submitted to such online stores as Apple AppStore and Google Play.

    • Maintenance

      Every product needs need maintaining in order to thrive - our team offers customized support services and can add more features to your MVP as time goes by.

    • What you get:

      • Project release

Continuous Product Development

Your MVP is just the beginning. As our next step, we’ll continue working with you on future features and design alterations. We’ll also be testing how well your product is doing at improving your KPIs - our aim is a continuous product improvement to maximize your market success.

Options for further work:

  • Dedicated team

    We provide you with a team that is fully immersed in your project and is constantly engaged in its support and improvement.

  • On-demand assistance

    Alternatively, we can add new features or fix issues on-demand - whenever there is a want or need, we’ll be happy to make it real.

Projects developed via this approach

Judge by what our clients tell about us

  • Software Development for Blockchain Company

    The solution worked flawlessly and was completed long before other elements of the launch. Smartym Pro asked insightful questions, offered helpful advice, and taught the internal team best practices. Their affordable pricing and quick turnarounds made the collaboration enjoyable.

    Managing Director, Peloton Blockchain

  • Mobile App Development for Bundle Loyalty System

    The current product version has convinced stakeholders of its technical merits and future marketability post-development. Smartym Pro’s responsiveness, flexibility, and willingness to invest considerable attention in the solution’s viability continue to impress.

    Co-Founder, Bundle Loyalty

  • Mobile App Development for Startup Sales Platform

    Smartym Pro has been very detail-oriented in all aspects of the project, from the cost of apps and quality of work to time requirements, deadlines, and rule compliance. The system has a low rate of error and issues are resolved within 48 hours. The team of this mobile application development company is collaborative and communicates well.

    Founder, Admark

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