Agile Development Team

We know all the pitfalls of the development of solutions that are easy to scale and maintain. Thanks to mature business processes and small team agility we are ready to provide not just code, but future-proof solutions and stress-free development.

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Team extension

Great option, when your ongoing project is in demand of new technologies, domain-specific expertise or just extra resources. Led by a manager on your side, our experts (or even one developer) will easily join your workflow and speed up your product time-to-market.

Managed dedicated team

This approach is used, if you need a managed cross-functional team that can release features independently. Smartym Pro’s well-knit teams are ready to help with the development of an end-to-end project or with speeding up an existing one, while you can focus on your business tasks.

How it works

  • Detailed analysis of your requirements

  • Handpicking top-tier specialists for your dedicated team

  • Personal interviews with team members and test tasks

  • Team allocation and full ongoing support

  • Regular team trainings for better performance

Our responsibilities

Responsible for selecting, hiring and administrating teams and developers, we can help you grow rapidly while you can stay focused on business tasks and needs. With less management efforts from your side, you will still have full control over the development process.

  • Administrative management

    We provide all the daily activities for both the dedicated development team management (legal, administrative support, etc.) and the client

  • HR activities

    We recruit the required professionals, provide regular training for their professional growth as well as other perks

  • Additional expenses

    We cover all additional expenses for employees ourselves - social benefits, bonuses, etc

  • Responsibility

    We are fully responsible for the quality and performance of our teams

  • 2-5

    weeks to start a team

  • 58

    in-house specialists

  • 8

    years of project delivery

Agile Software Teams

Our Approach

At Smartym Pro, we use the Agile approach, thanks to which early project delivery is possible. It helps to balance speed and quality as well as create truly innovative and progressive products.

  • We can help with building an Agile approach throughout your whole team
  • Efficient scope breakdown
  • We continuously reuse internal R&D know-hows to reduce time-to-market
  • Tools agnostic and professional project infrastructure setup
  • Well-defined change request requirements management
  • Regular backlog refinement and control
  • Instantaneous blockers identification and management
  • Assistance in budget control and perfomance monitoring

Team flexibility is a must

When it comes to working with a dedicated team, flexibility is what makes it efficient. We will make sure, that all your needs are satisfied, and will adapt our team to your specific working conditions.

  • Steadily adjusting the team's size and composition to match the current project needs

  • Predictable resource booking as a guarantee that the specialists will always be available when you need them

  • In-house developers and top-tier trusted specialists at your service

  • Building a full-stack team from scratch within 2-3 weeks

Our top-tier specialists

There are more than 50 specialists to choose from. We offer not only our qualified software engineers, but also experienced project managers, business analysts, designers and other specialists you may be in need of.

  • Developers (Frontend, Backend, Mobile, Blockchain)

  • Designers (UI/UX)

  • QA specialists (Automated, Manual testing)

  • DevOps specialists

  • Business analysts

  • Project managers

Practiced Knowledge Transfer

  • Project-specific knowledge transfer strategy
  • Thoroughly documented deliverables: the code, architecture, test cases, etc.
  • Necessary project artefacts transfer on demand

Ensuring Project Transparency

  • Regular product demos to fully control progress
  • Daily project updates via Slack, e-mail and video calls
  • Ongoing maintenance to ensure the system's stability
  • Progress and process metrics that indicate a project's results

Sharing our experience

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