Blockchain development services

We aim to provide blockchain development services for transparent and stable functioning of your solutions. Our certified and highly qualified developers have a deep understanding of opportunities of blockchain for real business transformations.

Distributed network of blocks

Our services

At Smartym Pro, we provide technical and business-related assistance on any aspects of blockchain implementation. Regardless of the project stage you need help with, we’re ready to share our expertise and improve your business operations.

  • Consulting

    If you want to implement a blockchain solution in your business, we can consult you before the start of the development. We will research your case and conclude on whether blockchain is really needed, if not - we will suggest better options.

  • PoC

    We always recommend our clients to start the project's realization with a Proof of Concept. Our blockchain consultants and certified developers can help to check the viability of your idea without spending too much of your budget.

  • Blockchain development

    Using a set of professional blockchain technologies and tools, our expert team will create a future-proof solution that will cover the business needs, ensuring data security, detailed documentation, smooth user experience and further maintenance.

  • External audit

    An in-depth audit of your blockchain system (specification compliance check, automated and manual vulnerability check, сode architecture analysis, etc) and a detailed report on the weaknesses as well as recommendations on how to remove them.

Our Expertise

  • Private Blockchain

    Create a private secure network with quick transactions working via confidential consenus algorithms.

    • Hyperledger

      Hyperledger Fabric can guarantee higher security and transparency within your business processes. It’s a full-fledged permissioned system that enables to choose who can access the blockchain and what information they can access, which is incredibly important for enterprise solutions.

      Nevertheless, we can select different Hyperledger frameworks depending on your business goals, expected network complexity and types of transactions.

      • Highly modular and configurable architecture
      • Permissioned membership
      • Supports multiple programming languages
      • Transparency and security of transactions
    • Corda

      Corda is a great business blockchain platform built by R3 Consortium. Used for building applications for financial companies, it is a permissioned network. Corda is helpful in removing costly friction in business transactions to allow businesses to transact directly.

      With Corda we can develop numerous so-called CorDapps for both private and public networks, create a custom token economy and integrate smart contracts.

      • Encrypted data transaction
      • Point-to-point architecture
      • Highly scalable and agile, all versions are interoperable
      • Multilateral ledger - network participants have copies of only those transactions that they are involved in
  • Public Blockchain

    Decrease the vulnerability of your data and financial information to hacking and any other third-party alterations.

    • Ethereum

      Ethereum is a global distributed blockchain software platform for developing Smart Contracts and Decentralized Applications. The possible spheres of application for Ethereum are endless. It offers complete security, diminishes the risk of fraud and hacking and faster transaction execution time.

      Smartym Pro is able to provide Ethereum-based solutions for businesses across the globe, both financial and non-financial and ensure secure crypto payments with Ethereum’s currency ETH.

      • Reliable Smart Contracts
      • Large community with ready libraries and tools
      • Marketplaces for Dapps
      • Easy to support due to high popularity of platform
    • EOS

      EOS is a scalable blockchain network able to process up to a million transactions per second. EOS has most of the Ethereum’s features but is better, faster, more scalable, which makes the EOS-based Dapps more smooth.

      We are capable of creating and deploying EOS Dapps, as well as auditing EOS smart contracts and providing consulting services.

      • Fast transactions
      • Proof of stake consensus
      • Functional smart contracts developed on Webassembly
      • Multiple plugins support
  • Other technologies

    We help our partners select the most appropriate blockchain technology from a range of main industry leaders - including Hyperledger, Corda, EOS, and Ethereum. We are skilled in these that's why we can deal with any tech stack.

Solutions we are really good at

Profound RnD

To make blockchain implementation as effective as possible for your business, we offer the services of our own R&D department. We are ready to identify challenges and business problems and offer the most efficient solutions for your current business case.

The experience of our specialists is enough to plunge into complex challenges and offer a non-template and efficient solution. And that’s why you can be sure of it:

  • Certified Blockchain Developers
  • Versatile industry expertise
  • Quick concept testing
  • Future-proof solutions - easy to scale and support


Judge by what our clients tell about us

  • Crypto-trading platform, messenger with crypto payments and E2E encryption

    What is most important for us, Smartym Pro has already delivered a mobile and desktop app with clear, flexible and scalable architecture, and are in the final stages of developing perceptive exchange platform. Throughout the whole development process, they have been maintaining high-level project management.

    CTO, LetKnow HQ Ltd

  • Mobile App Development for Startup Sales Platform

    Smartym Pro has been very detail-oriented in all aspects of the project, from the cost of apps and quality of work to time requirements, deadlines, and rule compliance. The system has a low rate of error and issues are resolved within 48 hours. The team is collaborative and communicates well.

    Founder, Admark

  • Сustom software development services for Emerging Blockchain Platform

    Smartym Pro’s diverse resources have helped progress the project, from the web/mobile apps and Node.js packages to the smart contracts. We were choosing from a large number of software development companies, but the team of Smartym Pro. Regular communication ensures a strong workflow.

    CTO, Blockchain Platform

Sharing our experience

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