Cryptocurrency Trading Platform

Smartym Pro had a task to make a financial platform as a part of a blockchain-based social ecosystem also made by our company.

It had to be a web-solution (with a mobile adaptation) that includes both the client interface with intuitive dashboards and an extensive set of easy-to-use financial tools, as well as the admin interface with a precise management functionality.

Project overview

  • Duration

    5 months, 3000+ hours

  • Methodology


  • Technologies

    • Blockchain: Hyperledger Fabric
    • Backend: Java
    • Frontend: NodeJS, HTML, CSS, JavaScript
    • Database: CouchDB
  • Project Team

    • 1 BA
    • 1 PM
    • 4 Front-end developers
    • 1 DevOps engineer
    • 1 Designer
    • 2 QA

Business tasks

  • Provide an intuitive interface for traders and admins of the platform;
  • Integrate the services suggested by the customer and ensure their complete compatibility;
  • Participate in the development of a risk-free P2P trading platform for crypto and fiat currencies;
  • Ensure transparency and publicity of trading;
  • Provide complete users’ data safety.

Technical tasks

  • Provide front-end development and integrate with a ready trading platform logic made by a third-party team;
  • Integrate authorization logic made by a third-party organization: authorization/registration, 2FA, and KYC;
  • Adapt an open-source graph-building solution to the trading platform and thus provide better visual intuitive user experience;
  • Provide high-quality maintenance for the servers and guarantee their constant trouble-proof work.


We put many independent solutions together, added our front-end development and in the end presented a custom crypto trading platform.

We ensured that there are no inconsistencies in the user flow since all the services we had to work with had to be configured first separately and then all together. We presented a platform, that allows users to buy, sell and exchange crypto and fiat currencies, monitor the crypto-trends in real-time, and manage their assets.


  • Multiple services’ interconnection execution

    Our team had to work with different completely independent from each other services: admin interface, open-source exchange platform engine logic, graph-building tools, and auth-server – all the services are constantly updating.

    We had to connect them with each other, in other words, to solve a puzzle, and make sure that the final picture doesn’t miss anything and that all the puzzle pieces fit. So we provided complete services’ interoperability and developed an intuitive UI that lets the users all the services at once as a united trading platform;

  • Real-time data update

    We had to mix different tools in order to display the most relevant data about currency quotes, update the graphs in real-time on the interface.

    We used WebSocket API in order to enable real-time data renewal on UI without the need for users to refresh the web-page.

  • Complex platform logic

    In order to implement design, front-end and to be able to test the whole system, we had to research a lot on the trading platforms logic. The system involves a lot of specific details and many ambiguous factors that we had to take into consideration. Moreover, every cryptocurrency has it’s own specific economic logic, that we had to take account of in the process of implementation in the platform.

  • Customizable interface

    Every cryptocurrency trading platform has the same elements, but their location is different from one platform to another. So we developed a feature, that allows users to adjust the interface according to their preferences with a drag-and-drop mechanism;

The app involves the following features

  • Crypto and fiat assets management:

    • The ability to enter assets and withdraw them from the wallets;
    • Currency exchange;
    • Trading opportunities.
  • Wallet features:

    • The ability to enter assets in crypto and fiat currencies;
    • Internal transfers;
    • Assets withdrawal;
    • Transactions history with the ability to export in Excel.
  • Dashboard features:

    • Customizable interface;
    • Buy/sell orders;
    • Charts with analytics and orders;
    • Orders history.
  • 2-factor authentification:

    • Users’ documents and mobile phone verification.

Results of the work done

We have delivered a consistent and stable trading platform with comfortable asset management tools, customizable dashboards, and secure data storage added to an intuitive UI. We provided smooth user-flow that involves the work of many separate services and made sure the system always works like clockwork by providing maintenance activities.

In perspective, we are planning:

  • To work with more than 50 cryptocurrencies and tokens;
  • To integrate with the world’s 1st crypto-trading platform – Binance;
  • To automate a process, that will allow users to withdraw their assets directly to their bank accounts;
  • To introduce more charts;
  • To implement a referral program;
  • To let users decide which token/currency to list on the platform next by voting.

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