Maintenance cost reduction

Our approach to software support is based on the belief that proper maintenance and improvements along the way are key for keeping the support costs as low as possible - failing to react to a certain problem quickly will result in very high overheads.

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Audit and Consulting

Independent audit of software products to uncover system problems and opportunities of cost reduction. As a result, you get a document that contains a detailed product status assessment including safety and security as well as recommendations on their enhancement.

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Our profound expertise and competitve rates will enable you to reduce your system support costs while we always stay in touch - as if we were your in-house team.

Maintenance services

  • Smartym Pro provides support services for all systems, no matter the functionality or the vendor. We can offer a 3-level support system that enables us to tackle any issue from a simple bug fix to a new feature implementation.

    • L1 Support

      User guidance, standard issue fixing, monitor system data analysis, etc.

    • L2 Support

      Outsourced server administration, IT environment support (issue detection and fixing), proactive monitoring systems setup, etc.

    • L3 Support

      Source code issue resolution, application code optimization, new functionality realization, etc.

  • Our team makes sure that you save time and effort leaving all the IT infrastructure issues to us. We take over 3rd party applications and take care of the maintenance while you get to focus on your core business activities.

    • Project Health Checkup

      Security audit, server management, backup storage setup, OS versions update, resources availability and performance control.

    • Launch

      Pre-release environment setup, system monitoring, scalability automation.

    • New version release

    • Hot-fixes

      Fast reaction to issues, system restoration.

  • Along with maintenance our team provides application modernization services that improve overall product quality and lower maintenance costs even more. In a nutshell, our experts transform software into something more effective and agile.

    • Cloud Solutions Delivery

      Infrastructure migration, database migration, post-migration consulting.

    • Re-platform

      Server-side rendering to SPA, monolith architecture to microservices, cross-platform to native.

    • UI/UX modernization

      Effective audit, creation of UX-strategy, redesign of current solution.

    • Code refactoring

      Migration from outdated languages to reduce maintenance costs.

  • Smartym Pro aims to help improve the existing product to keep it up with business and market needs. The company provides a wide range of maintenance activities: from making small tweaks to new feature or flow implementation.

    • Integration

      Integration of your platform with other systems or tools.

    • Features

      Adding new features to application.

    • Audits

      Security audit and OS updates.

How maintenance process looks like

  • 1

    Change request

    We receive a client’s request for perfective, preventive, adaptive or corrective maintenance

  • 2

    Impact analysis

    We carefully analyze the request for change and the impact that it may have on the entire system. Only after we have uncovered all the risks, we start planning.

  • 3


    We carry out most of the work at this stage: сode conversion, data migration, refactoring, redesign, implementation of new features, legacy system defect elimination, etc

  • 4

    System upgrade

    We get down to system upgrade and stability tracking, after performing all the testing procedures.

What you get

Provided that a correct approach to software maintenance is applied, you can be sure that your project will serve you for years to come and will never lose its relevance.

  • Budget flexibility

    We tailor the scope of work to your budget, so you get predictability and transparancy. Even if you need only one part-time specialist, we could provide you with this.

  • Cost reduction

    We are cheaper than full-time in-house team. With a remote team you won’t have to worry about taxation, perks for employees, internal issues, etc. - you only pay for the actual work done.

  • Prompt response

    We make sure that we react to your issues at once - our average response time is under 1 hour and it doesn’t take us more than 24 hours to fix a problem.

  • Mature business-processes

    We’re proactive in our reactions. Having been in business for 8 years now, we’ve established an efficient way of operating - design, development, reporting, bug fixing are all seamless.

Sharing our experience

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