Our Approach

We know all the pitfalls of the development of solutions that are easy to scale and maintain. Thanks to mature business processes and small team agility we are ready to provide with not just code, but with future-proof solutions and stress-free development.

Infographic: people in the cube work on project

Our Workflow

Success of the project often depends on maturity of development workflow. We have implemented more than 80 projects and took the best experience and practices from each one.

  • What we do:

    • Active communication

      We figure out your requirements and wishes considering the future product.

    • Research

      We discover new technologies and system design patterns from community-based open-source projects and proprietary practices of industry leaders.

    • Development plan

      Together with you we define the technology stack, the budget and the timeframes, and then sign an SLA.

    • What you get:

      • Detailed estimation
      • Project roadmap and budget plan
      • Wireframes
      • UI Design
      • Proof-of-concept
  • What we do:

    • Sprint backlog

      We start the iteration according to it.

    • Full-development experience

      Starting from buisness analysis and design, ending with QA sessions retrospective meetings.

    • Keeping in touch

      In the development process we are always on the line with you in order to let you know the progress of the iteration flow.

    • What you get:

      • Backlog
      • Project documentation
      • Project progress report
      • Change requests
      • Demo
      • MVP
  • What we do:

    • Configure the application

      We build it, prepare the production servers and update the resources.

    • QA sessions

      We run unit tests, automated UI tests, prepare a crash reporting library and integrate analytics tools.

    • Release

      We configure Continuous Integration as well as Continuous Delivery , deploy the application to the staging and production environment.

    • What you get:

      • Ready for production application build
      • Localization
      • Upload on markets
      • Release-kit
  • What we do:

    • Perfective maintenance

      It can be a post-release full redesign, adding new features or refining the program code to make the processes better and faster.

    • Preventive maintenance

      Refactoring the code to make the system scalable, searching for latent faults and bugs in the system, etc.

    • Adaptive maintenance

      We adapt the applications to the recent infrastructure and industry changes, and also constantly update the apps according to the platform changes.

    • Corrective maintenance

      Bug fixing, fixing flaws and defects as well as small and quick software updates.

    • What you get:

      • SLA
      • Post-release support
      • Up-to-date application

Interaction options

Team structure

The project team is being formed individually according to the project's idea, size, requirements, pricing model and other specifics. As a rule, typical cross-functional team looks this way:

  • 2 Developers per platform (Web/iOS/Android/Backend)
  • 1 UI/UX Designer
  • 1 Project manager / Business analyst
  • 1 Quality assurance specialist;

And if you have a complex and large-scale project, we are ready to offer several cross-functional teams.

How we ensure 100% transparency

  • Daily communication

    We will constantly communicate with you in a separate private space, where we can discuss project tasks, nuances, share ideas, etc.

  • Аccess to repository

    We are ready to provide you with access to the repository so you can veify the quality of our code and the progress of work.

  • Demo presentations

    Regular event after every sprint. During the demo we discuss the ideas on how to make the functionality better, risks, flaws and ways to eliminate them.

  • Reports

    After each sprint we provide a detailed report, where you can trace how many hours were spent, what tasks were completed, and the percentage of done out of all the planned scope for the sprint.

  • Calls

    We will organise regular audio/video calls on demand, where we can talk over all the project-related issues, plan our actions, etc. After each call we send a follow-up with the main points of our conversation.

  • Communication with the team

    You can communicate not only with the project manager, but also with any member of our team to make sure of his professional level.

Tools that help us to be highly efficient and transparent

What do you receive when you come to Smartym Pro

We are ready to offer risk-free offshore development, so it will undoubtedly feel like your own in-house team

Judge by what our clients tell about us

  • Crypto-trading platform, messenger with crypto payments and E2E encryption

    What is most important for us, Smartym Pro has already delivered a mobile and desktop app with clear, flexible and scalable architecture, and are in the final stages of developing perceptive exchange platform. Throughout the whole development process, they have been maintaining high-level project management.

    CTO, LetKnow HQ Ltd

  • Web application development services for Real Estate Company

    Smartym Pro was able to develop top quality algorithms and analysis modules that helped the client achieve its goals. They have a collaborative approach. The team is really communicative, and this is a big thing when it comes to complex development process.

    CEO, Real Estate Company

  • Custom Development for Emerging Blockchain Platform

    Smartym Pro’s diverse resources have helped progress the project, from the web/mobile apps and Node.js packages to the smart contracts. The team is invested in their work, providing critical insights into emerging technologies and best practices. Regular communication ensures a strong workflow.

    CTO, Blockchain Platform

Sharing our experience

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