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2020 Hottest UI/UX Design Trends You Should Know

Introduction   It’s almost hard to believe, but we’re getting close to the finish line of a whole decade - the year 2020 is waiting right around the corner. It’s very exciting to trace how much UI and UX trends have changed over ten years, and yet...

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Smartym Pro is a recognized Belarusian FinTech industry contributor

The FinTech accelerator of “Belgazprombank” called “FTh” together with the Center for Economic Studies BEROC have developed a FinTech market map of Belarus. This map has been created based on public data, including information about HTP (High-Tech Park) members, their FinTech projects, official IT-companies’ FinTech...

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Representational state transfer

REST API basic tutorial: main characteristics and advantages

When developing a web-service, there are always many points to be considered by the product owner and the development team. The product owner provides his team with project requirements so the team knows exactly what to do. Depending on goals and requirements you should choose the...

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software development steps

6 steps to successful software product development

We believe everyone knows that high-quality (!) software product development including mobile and web applications development requires deep technical knowledge, experience, team cohesion, and thoughtful management. The development process is rather complicated including lots of elements and factors necessary for the project’s success. For your clear...

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How Smartym Pro made a unique trading platform

For the last decade there have appeared over 1600 cryptocurrencies and the number of various crypto-tokens has reached a number of 500 long time ago. With such a drastic amount of assets of all kinds of course there have appeared a need for crypto-trading platforms,...

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java application development

Java or PHP? What to choose for web application?

Choosing a technology for application development is a very important step. There are too many things that influence this choice. Should you hire Java developers or PHP developers? How big the budget should be? What are the support conditions? Today we will talk about two...

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Top-5 RPA use cases in Manufacturing industry

Manufacturers all over the world are in constant search of ways of optimizing business processes, reducing costs and enhancing overall efficiency. One of the main problems with achieving this goal still remains the same - the human factor. It’s a truth universally acknowledged, that all...

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