Using Big Data to improve customer experience management

  Big Data processing is about capturing, analysing, and transforming large data quantities into valuable information. Big Data software can be used for different purposes, for example, for risk management, company performance and SWOT analysis, business strategy development, predictive analysis, and more. Customer experience management improvement...

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beacon technology

Indoor navigation in large buildings with iBeacon technology

  1. What is iBeacon technology?   iBeacon is a protocol developed by Apple and introduced at the WWDC in 2013. It is based on Bluetooth low energy proximity sensing by transmitting a universally unique identifier, picked up by a compatible app or operating system. The identifier and...

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big data trends

The future of Big Data. Top 5 Big Data trends for 2017

The world is facing large amounts of data that need to be picked up, stored in one place, and analyzed. The ability to deal with these unlimited data flows and extract all possible value from them brings about great advantages to companies and corporations. Information...

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plastic card

6 Challenges CRM solves in financial organizations

  Though CRM software appeared primarily as a sales management and enforcement tool, today it is also used for automation of multiple activities, controlling employees, and improving relationships with customers. CRM solutions are effective assistance in daily work, allowing to store and manage quality data, take...

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Top 5 challenges of logistics companies and their solutions

  Today the principal objective of logistics companies is meeting customer expectations by ensuring on-time delivery and quality services. It has been long ago since it was enough to just move the product from point A to point B. Now customers are increasingly demanding to get...

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customer loyalty solutions

Why should develop a customer loyalty app?

  Many companies wishing to increase customer loyalty and attract new clients, want to find a solution to meet these goals. A simple and effective way is a custom mobile app development that would provide users with certain benefits and connect both you and your customers....

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LBS usage in custom mobile app development

  Location-based services, or simply LBS, are widely used in custom mobile app development. They enable applications to use information about device location to reveal new opportunities for different aspects of life. Allowing to define location, LBS provide B2B and B2C sectors with a plenty of...

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Smartym participates in STEP Conference on April, 2017

This month has become very important for IT industry: in Dubai on 5-7 April we became the witnesses of STEP Conference, a large event devoted to the world of technology. The conference gathered hundreds of IT startups and thousands of investors, technical experts and enthusiasts,...

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mobile app

How to make a great mobile app for internal business communication

  You want to improve business communication within your company? Create a strong team cohesion? Build effective collaboration between all departments? One way to make it is building a mobile application. Custom mobile app development solutions can solve multiple purposes, here we will speak about the...

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enterprise mobile app development

How can your company benefit from enterprise mobile app development?

  Now you can rarely come across a company that doesn’t use enterprise mobile apps. According to mobile market research, 82% of organizations have already implemented mobile applications to solve their operational challenges and stay competitive. And analysts predict the revenue for enterprise mobile apps will...

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custom mobile app dev

How to automate business processes by using mobile apps

  In today’s fast-developing world companies have to constantly maintain their performance and improve their positions. To stay competitive they have to look for new tools and solutions to achieve various business objectives. In this post, we will speak about custom mobile app development for business...

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custom mobile app development

Which factors affect mobile app development cost?

  Building a mobile application requires significant monetary investment, and the issue of budget is obviously one of the highest priorities for any customer. Each project starts with budget planning. Before the work begins a client should define product goals, problems it must solve, app key features,...

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software requirements document

How to write a software requirements document?

  What is a software requirements document?   A software requirements document, or a software requirements specification, is a detailed description of a software solution (mobile or web application, website, or software system) a customer wants to develop. Also, this definition means a kind of agreement between you...

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beacon usage

4 Challenges businesses can solve with beacon usage

  Today’s world is full of various technologies used by multiple companies to stay competitive and increase profit. Enterprise mobile apps, IoT solutions, Big Data, CRM, and Business Intelligence software are only the beginning of the list. In this post, we will speak about beacons, an...

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