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We create an engaging wrapping for your ideas! This is where the creative magic of UI/UX design begins - from an concept to a full-fledged pack of unique design attributes.

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Start of design development at any stage

From an idea to conceptualization, from wireframes to graphics - Smartym Pro is ready to get on board with your project in any moment of its development lifecycle with our unique web or mobile UI/UX design services.

    • Acceleration & Collaboration

      We start with initial analytics and research (UI/UX audit), afterwards we conduct joint workshops together with you in order to form a common vision on Competitors Context, Service Personas, Current and Target Customer Journey maps, Design Principles, Short and Long term Product phases with a clear plan and future perspectives.

    • UX Research

      During the UX research we will create the so-called proto-personas that will help set the structure and priorities of the Customer Journey, where we will also determine the initial opportunities and perspectives. Based on this information, later assumptions about users will be validated within a deep qualitative research.

    • What you get:

      • UX artifacts
      • Web-analysis
      • Wireframes
    • Information architecture

      This is one of the most important functional parts of UI/UX design services - a hierarchical structure of the future app’s screens with description. Information architecture’s goal is to organize content in a way that is easy for future users to adapt to the functionality of the product and so that they could effortlessly navigate.

    • Proof of concept and Stylistic Solution

      Development and approval of the product’s ideological concept. This stage includes collection and implementation of the requirements in terms of visual component, and User Experience consulting. I.e., as a web and mobile app design company, we are shaping a high-level vision of the application.

    • What you get:

      • Information architecture
      • Interactive conceptual prototype
    • UI & Visual Design

      The start of development of specific working interface components: text fields, buttons, controllers, icons, illustrations and all the other elements future users will see and interact with.

    • Visual Prototype

      All the visual components we created will be organized in a proper way according to the product’s information architecture, and made interactive and clickable. Thus, the stakeholders will have an opportunity to “catch a glimpse” of the future app in action even before the coding process itself starts.

    • What you get:

      • Basic UI components library
      • Detailed visual interactive prototype
    • User Testing

      We conduct user testing sessions, where the chosen representatives will be interacting with the visual prototype created during the previous stage. The main goal is to make sure that users feel comfortable with the chosen design concept and need no help in navigation.

    • UI & Visual Design Update

      The results of user testing session are being documented. Based on the results we make a decision on what should be updated, or replaced and corrected, and ,consequently, implement the changes if there is a necessity in any.

    • What you get:

      • Detailed documented UI/UX testing process, starting from the user flow and ending with the design update recommendations
    • UI Kit & Digital Styleguide

      This is where the coding and technical stuff starts. Once we’ve implemented all the necessary adjustments to the visual components of the product, the design team forms full-fledged UI Kit that includes all the assets and artifacts that the development team will work with, and a Styleguide which is a detailed “instruction” on how to utilize the UI Kit components.

    • Marketing Materials and Web Analytics

      Comprises recommendations on business and marketing actions aimed at the product’s future stable vitality after its release.

    • What you get:

      • UI documentation
      • Marketing analysis
    • Development Support and Design Review

      The design team is providing maintenance, guidance and control over the product development team in order to ensure the correct adherence to the Styleguide.

    • What you get:

      • Full support
      • Prompt design updates in case of user dissatisfaction

What is User Experience Design?

User experience (UX) design - a comprehensive research process professional design teams go through in order to create meaningful and relevant experience for the users. UX services involve customer’s business analysis, creating personas, identifying key interface navigation issues in similar product and a lot more. In a nutshell, UX is the story behind the UI.

What do UX designers do?
The term “UX design” often goes hand in hand with “UI design” and “Usability”. However, these two are just one of the numerous constituents of the UX services approach. UX designers conduct product research, create user scenarios and information architecture, etc.

What is User Interface Design?

The User Interface (UI) is the graphic representation of an application. It is the buttons users click, the fonts of the text they read, images, sliders, text entry fields, and all the other interactive elements. It also includes screens layout, transitions, animation and any other micro-interaction - all of these must be designed.

What do UI designers do?
UI designers are responsible for the graphics and the aesthetics. Their task is to make the application’s interface attractive, visually engaging and themed appropriately according to its main purpose. They need to make sure all the visual elements are compatible in terms of the app’s idea and artistic taste. Besides, UI designers prepare detailed documentation for the development team with instructions to using design elements.

Our latest achievements

Our UI/UX services awards are not the initial goal, but the result of our work and our motivation. Thank you for your trust! You incentivize us to improve and achieve more!

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