docker deployment

Software development best tools: Continuous Deployment with Docker

  Continuous deployment is a software development practice where each code change moves through automated tests resulting in successful application builds and is put into production stage through multiple production deploys. This practice enables programmers to create, test, and deploy high-quality apps more quickly.Though the...

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smart contract testing

Developing smart contracts: smart contract audit best practices

  When building an Ethereum Blockchain project, focus on smart contract security and code quality. Otherwise, you may lose huge money. A few impressive statistics demonstrate poor consequences.For instance, Parity Ethereum wallet lost $30 million because of code vulnerabilities. For this reason, Satoshi Pie fond...

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app dev process

Why should use DevOps approach in software development

  App development teams that practice DevOps deploy 30x more frequently, have 60x fewer failures and recover 160x faster. - Puppet Labs 2016 State of DevOps Report   DevOps has been quickly integrated into the life of software development companies. Allowing to get quality products faster and with...

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Why should use Microservices architecture for developing complex applications

  Recently, microservices architecture has gained high popularity among developers. Thanks to scalability, flexibility, and the ability to use an independent technology stack, microservices have become a preferred way for building large-scale enterprise applications.  Microservices architecture is considered to be a refined idea of service-oriented architecture,...

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Top 5 cloud computing trends: what to expect in 2018

  Cloud computing continues to take an important role in business. Moreover, with a growing need for strong data storage capacities, many companies move all their data to the cloud. Having evolved from a personal cloud storage, now cloud computing offers a convenient way to store...

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blockchain dev

IoT security challenges: Securing IoT with Blockchain innovative technology

  The Internet of Things is penetrating all spheres today, bringing intelligent connections to all business activities and ordinary life. Touching almost everything, IoT offers companies various advantages and opportunities.A manufacturing plant where the tracking system monitors all the equipment and where the machinery orders repairs...

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bi solutions

The most trending Business Intelligence tools you want to know about

  For those, who don’t know, Business intelligence is a technology-driven process for data analysis and presenting applicable information to allow executives, managers, and other corporate end users make measured successful business decisions.Recently Business Intelligence tools and platforms have become the “right hand” not only...

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conference networking

Smartym announces its participation in Slush conference 2017

  Having gained valuable experience from the participation in Slush 2016, this year we are happy to become the part of the leading conference again.By joining people passionate about technology and innovation, Slush quickly grew from a 300 person community to the world famous event.Today,...

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ar technology

Google ARCore: revealing new Augmented Reality capabilities

  Facing high interest and providing great opportunities, AR technology sees rapid development. On August 29, Google announced the launch of Google ARCore, which became another step towards AR growth and evolution.Representing the result of Samsung and Google partnership, ARCore is the answer to Apple...

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android instant apps

Benefits of Android Instant Apps. Why your business needs one

  The past year brought several important innovations for the technical world, particularly for Android app development. At I/O 2016, the annual developer conference, Google announced the release of a wild new feature - Android Instant Apps.   What are Instant Apps?   Android Instant Apps is a new...

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smart contract development

Ethereum Blockchain platform: delving into Smart Contract development

  Blockchain is an open distributed ledger that maintains a continuously increasing number of transactions and data records. In fact, it is a technology of decentralized data storage that provides a high-security level and enables data manipulation occurred within the certain rules.This confidence is ensured by the...

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app development process

Typical back-end architecture for mobile app

  Certainly, software project development is a complicated process consisting of various stages. It also has a typical architecture, including backend and frontend parts and requiring a wide range of tools and technologies to be built.It’s important to be aware of how a software project...

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Cryptocurrency movement: Crypto Tokens, ICO, and Open network design

  Crypto tokens: meaning, history, and role  Recently it has been so difficult for startups to attract investment, promote products, and gain huge success. Today such giants as Apple, Facebook, and Google possess the market. Having the largest market capitalization and managing the most popular development platforms...

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How to protect Big Data? The main Big Data security challenges

  About Big Data concept  Big Data is about huge amounts of heterogeneous and fast incoming digital information that can’t be processed with traditional tools. It is characterized by 3V - Volume (the amount of data), Variety (the number of data types), and Velocity (data processing...

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The Internet of Things in healthcare: Why start implementing now?

  Healthcare is one of the biggest and fast developing industries in the world, that directly impact life quality. Facing the growing dependency on innovativeness and the necessity of ensuring great patient treatment, IoT is bringing effective tools and technologies in the industry resulting in improved...

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Using Big Data to improve customer experience management

  Big Data processing is about capturing, analysing, and transforming large data quantities into valuable information. Big Data software can be used for different purposes, for example, for risk management, company performance and SWOT analysis, business strategy development, predictive analysis, and more. Customer experience management improvement...

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beacon technology

Indoor navigation in large buildings with iBeacon technology

  1. What is iBeacon technology?   iBeacon is a protocol developed by Apple and introduced at the WWDC in 2013. It is based on Bluetooth low energy proximity sensing by transmitting a universally unique identifier, picked up by a compatible app or operating system.The identifier and...

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big data trends

The future of Big Data. Top 5 Big Data trends for 2017

  The world is facing large amounts of data that need to be picked up, stored in one place, and analyzed. The ability to deal with these unlimited data flows and extract all possible value from them brings about great advantages to companies and corporations.Information...

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plastic card

6 Challenges CRM solves in financial organizations

  Though CRM software appeared primarily as a sales management and enforcement tool, today it is also used for automation of multiple activities, controlling employees, and improving relationships with customers.CRM solutions are effective assistance in daily work, allowing to store and manage quality data, take...

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Top 5 challenges of logistics companies and their solutions

  Today the principal objective of logistics companies is meeting customer expectations by ensuring on-time delivery and quality services. It has been long ago since it was enough to just move the product from point A to point B. Now customers are increasingly demanding to get...

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crm solutions

8 Types of Companies that stand to gain from CRM integration

  Nowadays enterprises all over the world, whether it is a middle-sized company or large corporation, have to deal with various operational challenges. Facing the conditions of high competition, companies today do need to constantly maintain the reputation and take care of business growth.For the...

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customer loyalty solutions

Why should develop a customer loyalty app?

  Many companies wishing to increase customer loyalty and attract new clients, want to find a solution to meet these goals. A simple and effective way is a custom mobile app development that would provide users with certain benefits and connect both you and your customers....

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mobile apps

The hottest mobile app development trends for 2017

  Today we can’t imagine our life without gadgets. For now there are over 2 billion people have smartphones! And every month there appear more and more smart devices, mobile and web applications, technical products and services.An average American spends two hours a day in his...

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LBS usage in custom mobile app development

  Location-based services, or simply LBS, are widely used in custom mobile app development. They enable applications to use information about device location to reveal new opportunities for different aspects of life. Allowing to define location, LBS provide B2B and B2C sectors with a plenty of...

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Smartym participates in STEP Conference on April, 2017

This month has become very important for IT industry: in Dubai on 5-7 April we became the witnesses of STEP Conference, a large event devoted to the world of technology. The conference gathered hundreds of IT startups and thousands of investors, technical experts and enthusiasts,...

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mobile app

How to make a great mobile app for internal business communication

  You want to improve business communication within your company? Create a strong team cohesion? Build effective collaboration between all departments? One way to make it is building a mobile application. Custom mobile app development solutions can solve multiple purposes, here we will speak about the...

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enterprise mobile app development

How can your company benefit from enterprise mobile app development?

  Now you can rarely come across a company that doesn’t use enterprise mobile apps. According to mobile market research, 82% of organizations have already implemented mobile applications to solve their operational challenges and stay competitive. And analysts predict the revenue for enterprise mobile apps will...

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custom mobile app dev

How to automate business processes by using mobile apps

  In today’s fast-developing world companies have to constantly maintain their performance and improve their positions. To stay competitive they have to look for new tools and solutions to achieve various business objectives. In this post, we will speak about custom mobile app development for business...

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custom mobile app development

8 Ways to cut mobile app development cost

  You’ve had a great idea and decided to build a mobile application and now want to learn how to save money without quality loss? We are here to help you on this issue! In this post, we’ll consider the question of cutting your expenses for...

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custom mobile app dev

Top 8 useful features each enterprise mobile app needs to have

  In today’s mobile world a mobile app is a great tool that helps business gain success and profit. There are multiple benefits your company can receive from custom mobile app development: connection with your customers, automation of different operations, increasing of brand/customer loyalty, opening a...

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custom mobile app development

Which factors affect mobile app development cost?

  Building a mobile application requires significant monetary investment, and the issue of budget is obviously one of the highest priority for any customer.Each project starts with budget planning. Before the work begins a client should define product goals, problems it must solve, app key features,...

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software requirements document

How to write software requirements document?

 What is software requirements document?   Software requirements document, or software requirements specification, is a detailed description of a software solution (mobile or web application, website, or software system) a customer wants to develop.Also, this definition means a kind of agreement between you and a software...

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beacon usage

4 Challenges businesses can solve with beacon usage

  Today’s world is full of various technologies used by multiple companies to stay competitive and increase profit. Enterprise mobile apps, IoT solutions, Big Data, CRM, and Business Intelligence software are only the beginning of the list. In this post, we will speak about beacons, an...

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custom mobile app development

Custom mobile app development. Why should begin with MVP?

 What is MVP   MVP, or minimum viable product, is a first version of the product that involves only the main functionality aimed at accomplishment of the app principal tasks. The process looks as follow: you define the priorities meaning product key objectives and then two or...

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mobile chat apps

Mobile messaging apps. How we developed RealSmile chat

  Competitive market of mobile chat apps   Now there are thousands of mobile messaging apps with various functions. The market is so competitive that it’s been a long time since several features were enough for users to want to install and use the app. Emoticons, smileys, group...

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CRM software solutions

5 use cases of CRM software solutions in business

  Nowadays, Customer relationship management (CRM) takes an important part in the organization and optimization of business processes. Companies of various business spheres implement CRM software solutions to drive sales growth by personalized interaction with customers and automation of many operations.The world has changed a...

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IoT Solutions for Retail. Abilities and Advantages

 A bit of introduction   Today a lot of surveys claim the Internet of things is going to bring in a revolution in many industries. IoT has great potential to change the way people live and work. Though even a decade ago a smart home was such...

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php web app dev

Why should use PHP for custom web application development?

 Briefly about PHP programming language  PHP is a server-side scripting programming language created mainly for server-side web development. PHP is primarily used for small and middle sized projects as well as for box solutions. Being fluent and providing high coding speed, PHP also offers a simple...

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crm for business search

How to choose the right CRM solution for business

  Customer relationship management (CRM) is the way companies manage interaction with current and potential customers, analyze clients’ history and behavior to improve business services, focus on personalized communication with the final goal to boost sales.  Benefits of custom CRM development for business   CRM software is created...

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brand loyalty app

Branded app development: how to increase brand recognition?

 Mobile has scored an important part in every person’s life. From youngsters to oldies, everyone uses smartphones. According to data compiled by New York-based app Locket, an average person checks the device 110 times a day. So in such a competitive sphere stands a question:...

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Why should outsource the project to Belarus?

  Perks of outsourcing to Belarus  Great “assortment”. Over 1000 IT companies with talented IT specialists with a wide range of services and expertise field cover practically all possible needs and fields of expertise in software development.  “High density” of software developers. As IT professions are very...

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android development trends

10 Android mobile app development trends that going hot

  A mobile app development world is growing by leaps and bounds. Now everyone has a smartphone which helps him or her complete daily tasks, entertain, and communicate. Moreover, practically all of us always carry our devices at hand, shop through them, pay bills, and perform...

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Computer vision: image recognition and processing with OpenCV

 The processing of digital images is one of the significant tasks in many research and science fields like remote sensing, astronomy, and Internet analysis. There are a lot of methods to perform this operation but today it generally requires distributed computing.    Being a complex subject...

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Why should start eLearning application development?

 Education is essential for the development of the humanity and every single human. Therefore, it has been playing a huge role in our life and history for centuries. Basically, the learning process is crucial for every reasonable creature and even animals such must learn to...

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