SAP Application Development


We develop applications on SAP, SAP HANA, and Fiori that solve your business tasks

  • Strong in-house dedicated development team
  • Location in Eastern Europe Talented skilled developers
  • Certified engineers and up-to-date technologies
  • We’re result-oriented Quality product Satisfied customers


Get the following benefits from SAP Application Development:  

  • Big Data processing and analysis
  • More informed and faster decisions
  • Enhanced company performance analysis and management
  • Convenient reporting system
  • Access to real-time data, main KPI are always at hand
  • Predictive analysis
  • Better strategic planning


We build applications on SAP HANA and FIORI

SAP HANA database and application development platform enables programmers to build corporate products that allow to make deep insights into business performance and analyse large amounts of data.
Once appeared in 2013, Fiori platform provides developers with great a convenient way to deliver effective enterprise solutions to enhanced company performance and solve various operational challenges.


SAP HANA and Fiori Apps can provide such benefits as:

  • Big Data analysis
  • Real-time analytics and up-to-date data
  • Convenient reporting system
  • Enhance data management
  • Make fast, reasonable and informed decisions
  • Quickly react and adjust to changing conditions and situations
  • Always have relevant KPIs at hand


SAP Business Warehouse

SAP Business Warehouse is a SAP data warehousing solution, able to deal with large amounts of data, which allows companies to improve decision-making process. Being very scalable, SAP BW can support thousands of users. SAP BW can be deployed either on-premise, or in the cloud, or in a hybrid environment.


SAP BW provides companies with such advantages as:

  • Getting a deeper insight in customers’ data
  • Business process optimization
  • Faster access to up-to-date data
  • More informed and accelerated decision-making process
  • Acceleration of data warehousing capabilities


SAP Business Warehouse allows:

  • Data Warehouse architecture simplification
  • Corporate data warehouse scaling from gigabytes to petabytes
  • Integration of both SAP and non-SAP apps into a single environment


SAP Business Warehouse solution includes such features as:

  • Business Application Programming Interfaces (connection with non-R/3 apps)
  • Administrative tools
  • Analysis and report tools
  • Pre-built business content
  • Business Explorer
  • OLAP processor
  • Metadata repository
  • Multilingual support
  • Pre-configured scenarios (business content)
  • Automated data extraction (preconfigured data extractions)


We focus on long-term relationships with you and take care of delivering the best result possible. We ensure convenient and effective workflow as well as transparent communication. What we can:

  • Work on specified tasks or individual reports. You provide the technical specification, the form or set of business requirements to a single report or a function block, and we do all the rest, based on provided information
  • Develop a full system of reports and dashboards in both for separate sphere or Line of Business and for the whole company
  • Convert and adapt Desktop-reports on their mobile version, adjust the credentials and roles for remote users
  • Optimize and accelerate work of existing reports on SAP BO platform
  • Convert your reports and panels on the innovative platform SAP HANA
  • Solve the integration problems, set up and connect to the data from new, not previously used source systems
  • Develop enterprise applications that meet your goals, integrate both SAP and non-SAP apps in one business environment

So, contact us and get a free consultation to your project!