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12 Must-Attend Fintech Events in Europe for 2024

The European fintech scene continues to thrive, reflecting a global trend of rapid growth in the financial technology sector. As the landscape evolves, numerous pivotal events are set to take place across Europe in Q2 2024, offering invaluable opportunities for networking, learning, and innovation.

1. Fintech Marketing Conference – April 23, 2024, London, England: This conference is a must for industry leaders who aim to shape the future of B2B marketing within the fintech sector. Engage with top marketing strategists and learn about the latest tools and trends that can transform how financial technologies reach new markets.

2. Crypto and Digital Assets Summit – May 08-09, 2024, London, England: Delve deep into the world of cryptocurrencies and digital assets as industry leaders discuss the integration of blockchain technologies into mainstream financial markets. This summit is an essential platform for understanding regulatory impacts and market trends.

3. Conf3rence 2024 – May 15-16, 2024, Dortmund, Germany: At Conf3rence, the focus is on the profound impact of Web3 technologies across sectors like finance, retail, and technology. This event serves as a hub for innovative ideas, networking, and the exchange of knowledge about decentralized technologies.

4. Global Regtech Summit 2024 – May 16, 2024, London, England: Engage with global leaders in regulatory technology to explore cutting-edge solutions that address the challenges of compliance, risk management, and fraud prevention in the financial industry. This summit is key for staying ahead in the evolving landscape of fintech regulation.

5. ePay Summit Europe – May 21, 2024, London, England: This summit caters to professionals in e-commerce and payments, emphasizing the latest innovations in payment technologies and strategies. It’s a pivotal event for those looking to enhance transaction efficiency and security in their operations.

6. FTT Embedded Finance & Superapps – May 21, 2024, London, England: Discover the integration of financial services within non-financial environments and the emergence of super-apps that blend lifestyle services with financial functionalities. This conference is perfect for exploring new consumer engagement strategies.

7. AI in Finance Summit London – May 22-23, 2024, London, England: Learn from top experts about how artificial intelligence is reshaping the financial services industry, from automated trading systems to personalized customer experiences and beyond. This summit is crucial for those interested in the forefront of AI implementation in finance.

8. AssetRush x Zurich VIII – May 29, 2024, Zurich, Switzerland: This event provides a unique platform for discussing the convergence of digital and traditional assets. It’s ideal for investors interested in understanding and leveraging the dynamics of asset diversification in the digital age.

9. Money 20/20 Europe – June 04-06, 2024, Amsterdam, Netherlands: As one of the largest global fintech events, Money 20/20 Europe is a crucible of innovation, featuring insights from the world’s leading visionaries in financial technology. This is an unmissable event for anyone dedicated to the future of money. 

10. Fifteen Seconds – June 06-07, 2024, Graz, Austria: This festival combines insights into business, technology, and marketing with a focus on innovation and future trends. It’s a vibrant platform for professionals seeking to push the boundaries of their industries.

11. Proof of Talk – June 10-11, 2024, Paris, France: Engage with economists, technologists, and visionaries as they discuss the intersection of economics and technology in the Web3 space. This event blends traditional forum structures with dynamic, forward-thinking dialogue.

12. TNW Conference – June 20-21, 2024, Amsterdam, Netherlands: This premier technology event showcases cutting-edge innovations and offers unparalleled networking opportunities with tech entrepreneurs, innovators, and thought leaders. It’s a pivotal space for those looking to drive growth in the tech industry.

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