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5 use cases of CRM software solutions in business


Nowadays, Customer relationship management (CRM) takes an important part in the organization and optimization of business processes. Companies of various business spheres implement CRM software solutions to drive sales growth by personalized interaction with customers and automation of many operations.

The world has changed a lot over the last decade and keeps changing with this tremendous speed. To keep up with the changing needs of modern business, CRM software has changed a lot too.

Nowadays, there are multiple CRM software solutions on the market, from standard marketing optimization tools to complex CRMs that manage company contact and client databases, help organize employees’ working process and automate sales, marketing, and various business operations as well.

In this article, we will talk about CRM use cases that describe how CRM application development solutions can enhance relationships with customers in industries like insurance companies, veterinary clinics, cleaning services, take care agencies, and delivery services. Here we will describe CRM use in these fields.


1. CRM application development for insurance companies


Area of optimization: the process of making an insurance claim.  

Without CRM: a client discovers a scratch on his car. First of all, he needs to call to an insurance agency to schedule an appointment. It’s likely that an office situated in the city center, so there won’t be a lot of parking places around the area. Step two, filling in an application.

Then step three: a meeting with an insurance agent. The main goal of this step is to document the damage. So, to accomplish this issue the agent has to go out of the office, then to the parking place where the agent takes photos of the scratch from different angles and goes back to the office. After this three steps, the processing of a claim starts, but this is another story.

Result: unsatisfied client, who has wasted 2-3 hours of his precious time and an employee with lots of additional work.

With CRM: the scratch (appeared and) has been discovered. Starting from this point СRM software takes part in the making a claim process. A few taps and the client starts filling in an application using a mobile app of the insurance company.

Step two, he/she takes photos of the scratch from different angles and attaches them to the application and sends it. So we’ve reached the next stage, but in a shorter period of time, without agent’s participation.

Result: satisfied client, employees’ rising productivity   


2. Example of CRM usage in a veterinary clinic


Area of optimization: workflow, interaction with pet owners

Without CRM: Everything, starting from emergency calls to scheduling appointments, falls on receptionist’s shoulders. It puts a lot of responsibilities and adds stress a daily work of your employees. Moreover, stress could lead to misunderstandings between receptionist and pet owner, who, if it’s an emergency, tend to call to the clinic every five minutes to know where are the doctors.   

Result: call center nightmare which leads to the decline in service.

With CRM solution: making an appointment becomes an a-few-tap deal, using mobile app an owner chooses a doctor, looks through his/her schedule and choose a suitable time. If it’s an emergency, an owner will be able to see where doctors are on a map and contact the doctor straight ahead, without bothering the receptionist.

Result: delighted owner, happy and productive receptionist.      


3. CRM use example for a cleaning service


Area of optimization: company’s workflow,  the making order process.

Without CRM: You never know for sure what will face your employee, when a client makes an order. So you aren’t able to say how much time will take the cleaning and what are your employees doing at the moment. Moreover, sometimes it happens that some inquiries are lost which isn’t good for your business.

Result:  Extra expenses on providing services, unclear results.  

With CRM: Through a mobile app, your employees check the start and finish of the process, and also attach photos of the result to the report. These simple actions provide manager/administration with all necessary information about employees. It means that you know the speed and efficiency of your cleaners which enables your managers to create the most productive schedule.  

Result: fast and high-quality service, well-organized workflow


4. Example of a CRM application development for a take care agency


Area of optimization: interaction with relatives

Without CRM: Relatives are really concern about the condition of children or parents, who are being cared. Especially moms, who want to know everything that happens with their children. From what they eat for breakfast and do after the branch to more ‘specific things’.

Sometimes this natural need causes misunderstandings between nanny and mom. Even if there are many courses where moms are taught how to build a relationship with a nanny, the agency still needs to know how thу interaction is held.

Result: unclear communication, unsatisfied moms, extra time for choosing another nanny,  

With CRM: Using a mobile app relatives are able to contact caregiver anytime they need and also attach files to a conversation. Moreover, you can check every communication to make sure that your employees are performing properly.

Also, as nannies mark their activity in the app, you are always aware of their activity,  so your managers/administrators are able to build schedules wisely so as to solve the problems that occur during working process quickly and efficiently.

Result: better services lead to happier clients


5. Example of CRM solution for a delivery company


Area of optimization: workflow automation, interaction with customers.  

Without CRM: a delivery process is connected with many different tasks and factors, and sometimes your employees forget to warn customer, or even customers themselves forget about the time of delivery.

Result: extra transportation costs, unsatisfied customers

With CRM: CRM software solutions can allow managing the delivery process from inquiry to delivery report. Evident advances are that you are always aware of your employees’ activity through a mobile application where they mark all the steps that are done.

Also, the CRM systems send notification to the customers about the approximate time of delivery, when employee marks that he sets out, and provide with information about the delivery on the map

Result: Flawless workflow, delighted customers, optimized transportation budgets.
To sum up, nowadays you can find many different CRM software solutions on the market that allow to simplify and optimise the workflow.

So we’ve discussed how CRM software solutions can be used in 5 totally different industries as to show that CRM software can be suitable almost for every business area.

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