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smart contract development

Ethereum Blockchain platform: delving into Smart Contract development

Blockchain is an open distributed ledger that maintains a continuously increasing number of transactions and data records. In fact, it is a technology of decentralized data storage that provides a high-security level and enables data manipulation occurred within the certain rules. This confidence is ensured by the...

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app development process

Typical back-end architecture for mobile app

  Certainly, software project development is a complicated process consisting of various stages. It also has a typical architecture, including backend and frontend parts and requiring a wide range of tools and technologies to be built. It’s important to be aware of how a software project...

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Cryptocurrency movement: Crypto Tokens, ICO, and Open network design

  Crypto tokens: meaning, history, and role   Recently it has been so difficult for startups to attract investment, promote products, and gain huge success. Today such giants as Apple, Facebook, and Google possess the market. Having the largest market capitalization and managing the most popular development platforms...

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How to protect Big Data? The main Big Data security challenges

  About Big Data concept   Big Data is about huge amounts of heterogeneous and fast incoming digital information that can’t be processed with traditional tools. It is characterized by 3V - Volume (the amount of data), Variety (the number of data types), and Velocity (data processing...

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