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Smartym participates in STEP Conference on April, 2017

This month has become very important for IT industry: in Dubai on 5-7 April we became the witnesses of STEP Conference, a large event devoted to the world of technology. The conference gathered hundreds of IT startups and thousands of investors, technical experts and enthusiasts, media lovers, startup owners, and speakers, and was full of interesting talks and discussions.

STEP Conference presented the best of technology: the exhibition included Business Intelligence and Big Data software solutions, IoT, Artificial and Machine Learning solutions, chatbots, and a lot of more. And many startups had a great potential for investment.

Here are several interesting ideas and emerging trends we’d like to mention in this post. For example, a product, that detects and analyses user’s brainwaves, and then recommends music they would enjoy.

Chatbots continue to stay one of development trends. However, this year the focus will be on user experience: specialists claim that companies will be striving to deliver enhanced customer experience to users.   

Our company also visited this amazing and significant event. We presented a BI software solution enabling to gather big data from IoT devices and analyse them. If you want to learn more about it, feel free to contact us.

For us the Conference was great practical experience. A plenty of useful information, new acquaintances, discussions, interesting people and amazing ideas, and the reflection of current and future trend. Obviously, STEP Conference embraced the best of IT industry, digital, and entertainment industries in a two-day talks and exhibitions.

We presented a BI software solution enabling to gather and analyse Big Data from IoT devices