Healthcare software solutions


Our company provides quality healthcare software development services. Having experience of over 5 years and using cutting-edge technologies, we build modern healthcare mobile and web applications that meet your expectations.

The working process starts with analysing your requirements to get an understanding of the project goals. This approach allows us to develop the product that solves your operational challenges. Also, we help you prepare a technical specification and offer smart recommendations (if needed) to deliver the best result possible.  

We deliver efficient healthcare software solutions to medical centers, clinics, hospitals, coaching companies, medical universities for:


  • Reception management: patient registration, patient data base, doctor / patient statuses
  • Inventory and pharmacy management
  • Improved patient diagnosis and treatment
  • Eliminating errors found within personal health records
  • Appointment management
  • Creating efficient reporting system
  • Efficient request processing
  • Gathering patient data and analysis of their health condition
  • Insurance claims processing
  • Keeping to a healthy nutrition
  • Forming healthy habits
  • Automated decision-making process
  • Finance administration
  • Achieving work-life balance and maintaining mental health
  • Practicing sport, increasing productivity
  • Providing access to medical records, reports, and other data with the ability to quickly find the required information at any moment
  • Learning process enhancement


Healthcare software development to meet your needs


  • Mobile-based scanning solution (improved diagnosis and treatment)
  • Healthcare app which processes patient data (symptoms, images, test results, etc.) and offers possible illness options and treatment
  • CRM solution tailored to industry needs (reception management)
  • Healthcare mobile / web applications for employees to manage inventory and pharmacy: simple control and tracking
  • Mobile application with of AR elements (to improve learning process)
  • Healthcare mobile applications to form healthy habits, keep to a healthy diet
  • Applications for sport agencies / lovers to practice sport, become more active
  • And a lot more


Features of healthcare software solutions. Get insight


  1. Alerts dashboard
  2. Notification system
  3. Calendar (appointment scheduling)
  4. Data visualization with interactive dashboards
  5. Patient / doctor status tracking
  6. 360-degree view of patient profile, medical record, medications, clinical notes, prescriptions, etc.
  7. Automatic patient distribution in groups according to input data
  8. Document and images uploading, export/import
  9. Document organization
  10. Augmented reality elements
  11. Report viewer and report builder
  12. Claim tracking
  13. Real-time claim submission
  14. CRM connection
  15. Wearable connection
  16. Contact base upload to the app
  17. Limited access to some data


Here at Smartym we take care of quality first. The use of up-to-date technologies and following proven working practices allows us to deliver effective and reliable healthcare mobile and web applications as well as ensure convenient communication with our customers.

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