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Transport and Logistics software solutions

Our company ensures quality transport and logistics solutions development and integration. Using up-to-date technologies and taking care of final result, we deliver products that meet your requirements and goals.


We deliver transport and logistics software solutions for:

  • Transport process optimization
  • Automatic route planning & construction
  • Route optimization and passing control
  • Delivery process coordination
  • Delivery process stages monitoring
  • Efficient operating procedures management involving orders placement, planning, and distribution  
  • Last-minute order processing and service
  • Enhanced supply chain management
  • Production planning and scheduling
  • Supply & demand planning
  • Drivers’ activity monitoring and management
  • Transit schedules tracking
  • Traffic monitoring and optimization
  • Effective inventory management
  • Vehicle load control and optimization
  • Finding loads and trucks
  • Order management
  • Container tracking
  • Shipping Management


Get insight in features your solution can include:

  • GPS navigation
  • Barcoding / RFID
  • Real-time data
  • Maps creation
  • CRM
  • Mobile version of a web application
  • Interactive dashboards to visualize the route passing
  • Email notifications
  • Location notifications
  • Order lookup panel
  • Admin panel to manage orders and delivery process
  • Admin panel to monitor transport processes
  • Multiple view modes to see orders
  • Search through zip code, number, name, order status, etc.
  • Updates of mapping data
  • Geocoding system
  • Automated update of order status
  • Adding comments and images to orders


Understanding your operational challenges and using cutting-edge technologies, Smartym delivers efficient and modern transport and logistics solutions.
Our skilled professionals are ready to help you prepare technical specification and tailor the solution exactly for your business specific needs.

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