Customer Loyalty software solutions


Smartum team creates efficient web and mobile apps to enforce sales, build brand and customer loyalty, increase customer retention rate and ARPU, analyze the target audience to get an understanding of their needs and preferences.
We also provide post-launch product support and offer smart recommendations during the project if required.

Some facts to keep in mind


  • Customers visit their favorite places 2 times more often, if they are provided with a customer loyalty app
  • Loyal customers spend from 3 to 4 times longer with your brand and have higher credibility to you, resulting in higher income
  • Customers, who use a loyalty app, purchase higher-margin items and have from 30 to 40% higher check size


A customer loyalty app can provide you with


  • Sales boost up to 10-15% by affecting customer behavior through smart rewards, incentives, and push notifications
  • Improved customer retention by tailoring offers thanks to gathering advanced customer intelligence
  • Reduced marketing costs by personalized and targeted promotions
  • Optimized inventory investment by knowing customer needs, preferences, and buying habits
  • Cultivating customer loyalty due to building dialogue with customers

Here at Smartym Pro, we provide quality customer loyalty apps development. Getting a deep insight into clients’ goals and business-specific needs, we create the product that meets your expectations.
Our skilled team will also help you define the key features of the solution, prepare SRS, and offer meaningful recommendations to the project if required.

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