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Portals & Social Networks 


Today companies actively integrate web portals to provide employees with the ability of simultaneous work with documents, business operations. Such solutions allow saving time and expenses required for completing multiple tasks and corporate projects. What is meant here by saying “web portals”? There are such products as corporate portals, customer access portals, informational portals, domain-specific portals, educational / training portals, personal portals, social media applications, messengers and even dating apps.



Web portal / social media application can offer such benefits as:

  • Simplified work with documents, tasks, databases
  • Instant information receiving and sharing
  • Smart information distribution related to a specific domain, employee, company, etc.
  • High user engagement and retention rate
  • Effective department & top managers collaboration
  • Automated workflow
  • Strong business educational system
  • Training program support
  • Increased brand awareness
  • Efficient team cooperation


Speaking about effective team collaboration and automated business operations, you can integrate a corporate web portal that allows companies and employees to:

  • Automate such routine operations as booking conference rooms, ordering business cards, office incidentals, processing request and job requisitions.
  • Simultaneously work on projects and business tasks
  • Improve project management thanks to tracking employee activities and business operations as well.
  • View and update project and business tasks statuses, deadlines, schedules, roadmaps   

And if you opt for a sales-boosting social networking platform, it will enable you to:

  • Post advertisements so that mobile app users are notified about your offers
  • Process customer requests
  • Respond to customers’ questions and comments
  • Analyze mobile app user behaviour and statistics
  • Register company profile and manage company information

Also, such a platform can enable your customers to:

  • Register user profile and make lists of interesting offers, favourite companies, etc.
  • Leave comments, open social discussions
  • Make and share posts in news feed / with friends
  • Search for necessary goods and services in the app
  • View company profile: working hours, location, how to reach


There are, of course, many other effective solutions that our team has produced (HRMs, data storage and project management solutions, etc.), and to dive into what we can do, check out our experience here.

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