How long does it take to develop an app?

Of course, it depends on the project. But in situations where there is not much time and it’s necessary to test the idea as soon as possible, we offer an MVP development. Concentrating on core necessities rather than secondary functionality, we empower you to test your product on early adopters just in 3 months.

To give you a more precise answer, we need to organize a Discovery stage, at the end of which we will prepare Project Vision & Scope documents that will enable us to give a detailed estimation in terms of time and budget. Having this document, it will be easy to say exactly what part of the functionality we will deliver already in two weeks, in one month, in 6 months, etc.

If we speak about MVP (Minimum Viable Product), it takes 3 months for us to create a working solution with minimum functionality – just enough to demonstrate the main features, test it on the stakeholders and target audience to see if the idea works, what are the weak spots, what else needs to be done, etc. If you have an idea for mobile or web application, MVP development is the best solution to test your idea.