How much does it cost to develop an app?

It depends on many factors: whether it’s a mobile or web application, the complexity of the technology stack, the number of team members needed, the service level and many others. We always negotiate with our clients about the prices and are able to find the most appropriate cost-effective variant for everyone.

Also, the final cost of software development will depend on the pricing model you choose.  We have 3 pricing models:

1. Fixed price. This model is suggested for cooperation in cases when the projects are well-defined. Well-defined means there is a well-documented scope and clear system requirements. According to this approach, before the start of development, our team estimates the timeframes of the potential project and the total cost. Then we present our detailed assessment to the client and coordinate everything. The final agreed price, as well as the project’s scope of work, are not subject to change, thus ensuring the lowest risks for both parties;

2. Time & Material. According to this cooperation model, our managed team is assigned to a certain project for one particular client. The necessary functionality is delivered on-demand, which allows changing the project’s team size and scope at any phase of the development cycle to enable the optimum balance between efforts and costs;

3. Dedicated Team. When you choose our “Dedicated team” service, you get access to the pool of technically skilled professionals with various business domains knowledge. Opting for a dedicated team, the client receives full control over the project flow, he can hand-pick the team members, vary the project’s scope and the requirements.

We believe that budget planning is very important, especially when it comes to big projects. Without proper planning, the project may fail, and this is also a risk to take into consideration – check out our article about how to avoid any unexpected issues when planning software development budget.