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the gdpr

The complete guide to preparing for the GDPR

  EU General Data Protection Regulation is a regulation that requires companies to provide data security and privacy of EU residents. The GDPR will come into force on May 25, 2018, and will replace current laws about personal data protection in European countries.   Companies that need...

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app dev tools

Why choose Swagger framework for designing and documenting APIs

Software development is a complicated process requiring experienced developers, QA engineers, business analysts, designers, and project managers. Surely, having them all in a company isn’t enough for delivering great projects. The tools and technologies they use are essential components of project success as exactly they...

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docker deployment

Software development best tools: Continuous Deployment with Docker

  Continuous deployment is a software development practice where each code change moves through automated tests resulting in successful application builds and is put into production stage through multiple production deploys. This practice enables programmers to create, test, and deploy high-quality apps more quickly. Though the...

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blockchain dev

Logistics Technology Trends: How will IoT and Blockchain transform the industry

Nowadays logistics industry sees rapid growth and transformation. With the coming of various innovative technologies, companies make huge investments in their future. To stay competitive, they look for effective solutions that will bring workflow automation, intelligent connections, and smart analytics. For example, large logistics companies experiment...

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app dev process

Why should use DevOps approach in software development

  App development teams that practice DevOps deploy 30x more frequently, have 60x fewer failures and recover 160x faster. - Puppet Labs 2016 State of DevOps Report   DevOps has been quickly integrated into the life of software development companies. Allowing to get quality products faster and with...

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Why should use Microservices architecture for developing complex applications

  Recently, microservices architecture has gained high popularity among developers. Thanks to scalability, flexibility, and the ability to use an independent technology stack, microservices have become a preferred way for building large-scale enterprise applications.   Microservices architecture is considered to be a refined idea of service-oriented architecture,...

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