php web app dev

Why should use PHP for custom web application development?

  Briefly about PHP programming language   PHP is a server-side scripting programming language created mainly for server-side web development. PHP is primarily used for small and middle sized projects as well as for box solutions. Being fluent and providing high coding speed, PHP also offers a simple...

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crm for business search

How to choose the right CRM solution for business

Customer relationship management (CRM) is the way companies manage interaction with current and potential customers, analyze clients’ history and behavior to improve business services, focus on personalized communication with the final goal to boost sales.   Benefits of custom CRM development for business CRM software is created...

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brand loyalty app

Branded app development: how to increase brand recognition?

  Mobile has scored an important part in every person’s life. From youngsters to oldies, everyone uses smartphones. According to data compiled by New York-based app Locket, an average person checks the device 110 times a day. So in such a competitive sphere stands a question:...

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android development trends

10 Android mobile app development trends that going hot

A mobile app development world is growing by leaps and bounds. Now everyone has a smartphone which helps him or her complete daily tasks, entertain, and communicate. Moreover, practically all of us always carry our devices at hand, shop through them, pay bills, and perform...

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opencv image recognition

Computer vision: image recognition and processing with OpenCV

  The processing of digital images is one of the significant tasks in many research and science fields like remote sensing, astronomy, and Internet analysis. There are a lot of methods to perform this operation but today it generally requires distributed computing.     Being a complex subject...

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Why should start eLearning application development?

  Education is essential for the development of the humanity and every single human. Therefore, it has been playing a huge role in our life and history for centuries. Basically, the learning process is crucial for every reasonable creature and even animals such must learn to...

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