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React Native Development


Recently cross-platform applications has become more popular due to the level of  development of such cross-platform frameworks as React Native. This framework allows to develop exclusive mobile applications with less efforts and costs without functionality quality loss. Being experts in React Native, Smartym Pro delivers cross-platform apps twice as fast and effectively than basic native solutions.


Why choose React Native?


  1. It’s fast and cheap. With React Native developers on your side you can deliver the app twice as soon due to the fact that it provides the tools for sharing a single codebase for both iOS and Android platforms. Consequently, you will save a lot of resources: material, human and time resource;
  2. From mobile to web – easy. Now your JavaScript developers can also apply their skills in a new sphere of React Native development, and they won’t even have to learn how to develop apps from scratch – they can start developing the app for both platforms right away;
  3. Hot reloading. A very beneficial React Native’s feature that allows to keep the application running while implementing new functionality or upgrading the UI;
  4. Build your app like a Lego model. Today there are more than 300 thousand npm modules in React Native, that you can use for free, right out of the box, and build you application using ready npm modules just like building a house out of Lego bricks;
  5. No more debugging headaches. The fact of using a single codebase for both iOS and Android reduces the time needed for debugging and code optimization. You have a single codebase to monitor, a single version to fix.


What can we do with React Native?


Smartym Pro’s React Native developers in collaboration with experienced business analysts and project managers will deliver feature-rich mobile applications and demonstrate the all advantages compared to native mobile app development. We are ready to provide:

  1. Real-time messaging;
  2. Push notifications;
  3. IoT integration;
  4. P2P payments;
  5. Audio and videocalls, etc.


Not convinced yet? We suggest you to read our article about React Native and why it is the best choice for mobile app development today.

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