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How Smartym Pro made a unique trading platform

For the last decade there have appeared over 1600 cryptocurrencies and the number of various crypto-tokens has reached a number of 500 long time ago. With such a drastic amount of assets of all kinds of course there have appeared a need for crypto-trading platforms,...

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java application development

Java or PHP? What to choose for web application?

Choosing a technology for application development is a very important step. There are too many things that influence this choice. Should you hire Java developers or PHP developers? How big the budget should be? What are the support conditions? Today we will talk about two...

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Top-5 RPA use cases in Manufacturing industry

Manufacturers all over the world are in constant search of ways of optimizing business processes, reducing costs and enhancing overall efficiency. One of the main problems with achieving this goal still remains the same - the human factor. It’s a truth universally acknowledged, that all...

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Top-5 RPA use cases in Logistics and Supply Chain Management

Logistics and Supply Chain Management are now one of the most rapidly evolving towards digital transformation industries. Every year the new technologies offer agile solutions for corporates to improve their business processes. Since Logistics and Supply Chain mostly consist of back-office operations, which are monotonous,...

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smart contract code audit

Developing smart contracts: smart contract audit best practices

When building an Ethereum Blockchain project, focus on smart contract security and code quality. Otherwise, you may lose huge money. A few impressive statistics demonstrate poor consequences. For instance, Parity Ethereum wallet lost $30 million because of code vulnerabilities. For this reason, Satoshi Pie fond...

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5 Key Blockchain Applications in the Retail Industry

The today’s retail market is as competitive as it has never been before. The number of shops, shopping centers, e-shops is continuously growing, each using various marketing channels and innovative technologies to attract buyers.   Under the impact of digital transformation, the retail domain is rapidly...

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What is a reactive architecture. Review of reactive systems

  For the past two years, the requirements to mobile and web products have become much more strict. The main reasons are an increasing competition and growing number of app users Considering the mobile app market, users downloaded 178.1 billion mobile apps in 2017. This year,...

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AR app development: Reviewing top 5 Augmented Reality SDKs

For many business industries, Augmented Reality reveals totally new opportunities, allowing to ensure immersive user experience. Healthcare organizations, educational institutions, retailer and entertainment companies, museums, advertising agencies, and others are those that will stand to gain from adopting AR technology.   With a fast-growing demand for AR...

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