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To re-engineer and re-code from scratch an existing document flow system where petroleum market participants create, sign and terminate sales contracts in Blockchain, and to develop an algorithm for a loyalty bonus system with custom tokens.

The system should be built on corporate blockchain platform Hyperledger.


Business tasks:


  • Enable simple, fast and legitimate process of creating, signing and termination of contracts on petroleum products’ resale, etc.;
  • Create Blockchain algorithms for an existing loyalty system for the platform’s clients;
  • Develop a legally significant algorithm of contract signing.


Project technical tasks:


  • Create a private custom blockchain based on Hyperledger Fabric framework and integrate it with the client’s existing business processes;
  • The blockchain network must be scalable;
  • The blockchain system should work stably even in case of shutdown of part of the nodes;
  • Enable creation, signing, and termination of legally significant sales documents via smart-contracts;
  • The system access rights should be strictly differentiated.   

Project overview:


700+ hours, 4 months




  • Blockchain: Hyperledger Fabric
  • Backend: Java
  • Frontend: NodeJS, HTML, CSS, JavaScript
  • Database: CouchDB

Project Team

  • 1 BA
  • 1 PM
  • 1 Blockchain/Backend developer
  • 1 Frontend developer



The client has already had a system made on 1C software and a previously made by other team unsuccessful Blockchain solution, however they had a clear idea that Blockchain could be a perfect choice for such a responsible information system as document flow in hydrocarbons resale industry. The client was very initiative and eager to learn and thus we also had to spend additional time on training and a detailed explanation of the project’s technical features. We have started with a Proof of Concept stage, which included investigations on the business processes of contract creation, signing and termination in terms of testing the feasibility of implementing the business logic on Blockchain. PoC also included building a network’s architecture and offering several network deployment options. Within PoC we ended up choosing to deploy the network via Docker-containers launching manually several nodes on different hosts. We carefully transferred every aspect of the business processes step-by-step to Hyperledger platform and provided integration with smart-contracts, differentiated access rights and created a custom loyalty bonus system from scratch.



Remoted cooperation

The client had two teams working on the project, and thus it was quite a challenge to synchronise all the development processes, separate the duties and the rights clearly and adapt to each team’s business processes.

Legal responsibility

Since the system is dealing with such important documents as large contracts, we had to make sure everything is secure and tamper-proof. Was essential to create a balance between the law and the core business processes. And moreover, one of the main business tasks was to create a system, that will be legit and legally significant, since contracts serve as one of the main means of demonstrating someone’s rights and obligations in court issues.


Smartym Pro is in the process of creating the first MVP version of the Hyperledger-based system within the PoC stage. The system corresponds to the customer’s needs and expectations. The system we presented is transparent, scalable and easy-to-use.

At the moment we are working on the next development stages of the project. We are planning a deeper business processes’ integration with Hyperledger. Also, we are working on creating a legislative value to the contracts that participate in the document flow. And moreover, we are analyzing the opportunities and different options in order to implement a better network deployment technique: we are to write a script that will automate the process of installing the required software on the devices of the users that would like to deploy their own network node. This solution will lead to a significant reduction in material and labor costs and will enable the clients of the system to deploy nodes without any special programming skills.

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