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A user-friendly secure ETH wallet and payment app, that enables users to manage their ETH wallets as well as ERC-20 tokens.

Mobile screen the app interface
  • Project Challenge

    Our team provided a secure environment for crypto-assets management. One of the biggest technical challenges for our mobile team was to arrange the transaction that will be executed as fast as possible, using ETH cryptocurrency and ERC-20 tokens. Moreover, this application needed to enable importing existing wallets and creating new ones, shielding them with advanced security settings.

  • Design Challenge

    The application’s design had to meet the next requirements: have blue and white as predominant colors, be eye-pleasing and not overflown with crypto-information since this application is aimed at average non-expert users.

Typography Example


  • Blue (Usage: Main color)
  • Green (Usage: Success)
  • Red (Usage: Errors)
  • Dark (Usage: Main Headings, Body Text, Icons)
  • Medium (Usage: Body Text, Description Text)
Colors usage Example

Design FAQ

  • What, Why and How do we do?

    Discovery & Strategy

    • Acceleration & Collaboration Workshops
    • Personas
    • Interview
    • Competitor Analysis
    • Journey Mapping
    • Web-analytics Analysis
  • How does it work?

    Solution Wireframing & Visual Exploration

    • Information Architecture
    • Proof of Concept
    • Stylistic Solution
  • How does it look?

    UI Design

    • UI & Visual Design
    • Visual Prototype
  • Does it really work?

    User Validation

    • User Testing
    • UI & Visual Design Update
  • Make sure it scales

    Guides & Measurement Plan

    • UI Kit
    • Digital Styleguide
    • Marketing Materials Guide
    • Web-Analytics Measurement Plan
  • Make sure it works

    Design Review

    • Development Support
    • Design Review
    • Perfomance Validation

ETH Wallet

We’ve developed a scalable mobile application for the Android platform. By far it supports only ETH and ERC-tokens, but our team is already working on implementing other cryptocurrencies in the application. The application is safe, with advanced security settings. The application gives users the opportunity to execute fast crypto-transactions and get push-notifications every time he receives assets. There is a unique “trick” - “watch-only” wallets - users can trace the transaction history of any wallet in the network provided that they import it in the app via the public key.

Interface of user wallet

Send & Receive ETH

Easy and fast transactions between any existing ETH wallets. Quick transaction info filling via QR-code scanning - no need to enter the wallet address manually, just use the scanner, or show your QR code to the addresser to receive the funds sooner. The same applies to ERC-20 tokens: the application has its own database of tokens, but you can add others to the list via its contract’s address.

Transaction History

The application gives you full transparent view on your transactions and the “watch-only” wallets transactions with maximum information presented in a perceivable way. Moreover, user can add their custom notes to any transaction to make them more distinguishable.


The WLLT’s MVP is already on the Google Play market with all the features described above. At the moment we are working on implementing new features, such as:

  • BTC support in app
  • The ability to buy crypto-assets via credit and debit cards
  • Translating the application to more languages
  • Cryptocurrency exchange functionality

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