Real estate analytics & monitoring tool

A complex tool for real estate agencies and individual agents that allows them to conduct an intellectual analysis of large amounts of data from the UK real estate market. The platform is aimed at improving business processes and overall productivity.


  • Duration

    20 months

  • Methodology


  • Category


  • Technologies

    • Frontend: JavaScript, Vue.js, Vuex, Chart.js, Moment.js, Webpack, Babel, Lodash, SCSS;
    • Backend: Scala, AWS Elastic Beanstalks, Akka;
    • DB: PostgreSQL
01 objective

goals & tasks

Smartym was asked to assist with the development of a complex online platform for UK real estate market, aimed at improving business processes/productivity for both agencies and individual agents. The platform has to be easily scalable and be able to process large amounts of real estate data for immediate access, including days on market, demographics, yield, the price for rent/sale, the price asked/paid, etc. The platform has to meet following requirements:

  • 01

    Being able to process 1M+ of properties records plus 12 000 individual UK postcodes datasets

  • 02

    Aggregate/analyze various data from hundreds of data providers

  • 03

    Build heat maps for best data visualization experience

  • 04

    Provide smooth real-time experience with interactive maps

  • 05

    Provide easy-to-read reports based on user’s queries

  • 06

    Have flexible scaling mechanism for high-load periods

02 challenges

we’re faced with

The platform has been in development for almost a year. MVP version of the system was released after 6 months of development, featuring basic design and integration with Google Maps. Even at this point, the system included complex modules for data gathering and reporting.

The main challenge was to organize data collection from hundreds various data providers with totally different APIs (and in some cases, even without it). Another challenge was to improve existing codebase so that the system can operate better under high loads.

After MVP release the team proceeded with development of V2 of the system, which features:

  • 01
    Brand new design
  • 02
    Major user flow update
  • 03
    Advanced performance
03 screens

pages overview


    Asking price
    • depth and range
    • by property type

    • price/ft
    • predicted discount
    • statistics

    • property type
    • postcode of area
    • dates from/to
04 result

Real Estate Tool

The Smartym Pro team continues to support the platform, as the product is constantly evolving, providing its users with new features and improved user experience. Several major updates are scheduled for further versions, including:

  • Machine learning for better analysis/prediction functionality
  • Server-side improvements for even better performance
  • Redefining technology stack for easier maintenance/support

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