ERP solution for logistical operations automation

Project overview

  • Duration

    1 year

  • Methodology

    Agile (Scrum)

  • Technologies

    • iOS: Swift 4, CoreData, Auto Layout
    • Front-end: Angular, Sass, Typescript, Angular Material, RxJS
    • Backend: PHP 7, Symfony 3, MySQL 5.6, Docker, Swagger 2.0, REST
  • Project Team

    • 2 backend developers
    • frontend developer
    • iOS developer
    • designer
    • business analyst
    • PM/QA


We aimed to build an ERP system for the logistic company from scratch to digitize the company’s business processes, set up a single workflow, and provide a user-friendly interface for loading and transfer management.

Business tasks

  • Lower the company’s operational costs by the software solution.
  • Add transparency to the company workflow.
  • Optimize sales by simplifying the search for equipment on the company stock database.
  • Keep all request participant notified about the request estimation, status, and changes.
  • Create a system to solve the company’s logistics issues.

Technical tasks

  • Create a solution for logistics issues such as:
    • Optimization of equipment transfer among sales outlets
    • Truckload management
    • Road management according to equipment stock, request location, transfer costs.
  • Create a system with role differentiation
  • Automate the company business process
  • Integrate system with John Deere database
  • Create a mobile app for QR-code recognition
  • Mobile app integration with an external device (barcode scanner)


As to fulfill our client requirements our BA needed to immerse into the company current workflow and transform it into technical requirements of a software solution that will not only automate and gather all data in one place but also optimize the company’s operations.

The system consist of 3 main parts:

  1. Web-interface
  2. Mobile app for drivers
  3. Mobile app for sales personnel

Web-interface is a core of the system which links and helps to manage all activities that happen while the company’s operations such as TR creation, TR management, managing each truckload, scheduling transfers according to dates and equipment stock, and routing transfers to minimize operational costs.

The driver app allows drivers to see their routes, manage loading using barcode scanner and QR-code recognition, change transfer request statuses, and add notes to them iа needed.


  • Introduce role differentiation

    As it is a complex system with diverse users who have different responsibilities, we’ve implemented differentiation. When a user registers in the system his/her roles is settled by an administrator, so after logging in the user has access only to specific functionality which is defined by his/her role.

  • Project planning

    We were to develop a complex system with big functionality. So, we needed to prioritize features to deliver the product on time. It means that we needed to define the key features and develop them first, then add the others to make the system with clear objects relations and still confirming the MVP model.

  • External device integration

    The driver app functionality needed close integration with an external device (barcode scanner) which demanded usage of Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), anв Bluetooth 2.0 (2.1). Also, the app should have QR-Code recognition.

The app involves the following features

  • Equipment search

    • Add divers criteria and tabs to simplify the search
    • Display specific criteria for different roles
  • Reports

    • Provide statistics and analytics on the company’s logistics activities.
  • Route management

    • Routing according to equipment stock, request location, transfer costs.
    • Load management
    • Define many units will be transferred according to units size and truck carrying capacities.
  • Transfer request management

    • Standardize a transfer request from
    • Create a user-friendly interface to be understandable for each user
    • Notification of all transfer request participants about the TR status
    • Easy navigation among current request for Coordination managers

Results of the work done

We’ve developed a complicated system, which provides its users with user-friendly interface and rich functionality to fulfill their everyday tasks and handle issues which arise while operations.

The solution helps to manage operation and costs giving the company’s managers with reports and statistics on activities that happen in the company.

We’ve got a useful experience in applying skills at applying new technologies to deliver the best product which fulfills all the client’s requirements.

For the future, we plan to deliver a mobile app for sales personnel and expand the current functionality of web-interface and mobile app for drivers according to the client needs.

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