Smart contract auditing services platform

Development of platform MVP. Prepare and launch ICO for smart contract auditing services platform.

Blockchain, UI/UX Design, Web


To prepare and launch ICO for smart contract auditing services platform, and develop platform MVP.

The platform has to meet the following requirements:

  • The platform should be built on Graphene blockchain and have native token;
  • The platform should be able to audit Ethereum and later EOS smart contracts;
  • The platform should run an automated protocol for auditing smart contracts;
  • Manual smart contract audit (expert-level auditors and bounty collectors) should be added at later versions of the platform;
  • The platform should automate audits in a decentralized and trustless fashion;
  • Auditing results can’t be forged;


Main technical tasks:

  • UI/UX design of the Landing page;
  • Technical development roadmap;
  • White Paper;
  • Development of native Graphene-based coin;
  • Development of Graphene-based crypto wallet;
  • Investor personal account development;
  • Investor personal account development;
  • Development of the coin distribution system;
  • Development of smart contract for the platform funding model;


Initial project stage included processing of project’s requirements and documentation. Our first goal was to make a detailed description of the platform features and functionality, and get the client’s approval. After the platform features and design concept were approved, we proceeded with the ICO landing page UI/UX design development, and writing of ICO White paper. It took us 1 month to successfully complete the stage.

Our second goal was to help launching ICO. Together with the client we shaped token economy, mechanics, and coin distribution model needed for ICO smart contract.

The scope of works for the second stage included the development of native Graphene-based coin and wallet. We divided the process into 2 main stages:

stage 1.

Development and deployment 
of coin

stage 2.

Development and deployment of web-based wallet for the coin

During the first stage, we built coin on Graphene platform and configured its necessary daemon and servers. Graphene is a permissioned public chain on which “User issued assets” can be defined and distributed which acts as the coin. The Graphene daemon was configured on an AWS and necessary peer-nodes setup for nodes to connect to. We required 4 dedicated servers for the same.

During the second stage, we were customizing BitShares wallet integrating it into our own network. With the completion of this phase, the MVP of the coin and necessary supporting systems were delivered.


  • The project is still growing, so new tasks are being assigned continuously.

  • Currently we working on the following technical tasks:

    • Development of the coin distribution system
    • Development of smart contract for the platform funding model
  • In the nearest future we’re supposed to deliver the platform MVP enabled with the following features:

    • Online validator – automated verification tools – to review smart contracts
    • A community of blockchain developers on the platform
    • Bug bounty system for reviewing smart contracts
    • Marketplace for platform contributors and voting rewards system
  • The platform final version will provide a formal audit process targeted at code authors or enterprises that have a solid amount of funds at stake. This service will be available to token holders only, and provide a formal verification process (not a bounty hunt) of smart contracts performed by top-notch auditors. The platform will provide:

    • Environment for expert-level auditors
    • Official certification process based on technical review of the contract
    • Integration of non-Ethereum based smart contract blockchains (EOS)
    • Our future outlook for the platform improvement:
  • Expansion of services by not only offering a marketplace for smart contracts:

    • Smart contract development as a service on the platform
    • Fixing of the errors, and bugs that were found in a contract as a service

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