Social network & advertising platform

To develop a platform for sales promotion / social advertising. The platform is intended for clothing stores and boutiques.

The main peculiarity of the project is two mobile applications that allow sellers to take photos of their campaign products and post them online, while store owners can help their clients to follow the campaigns’ updates and get various bonuses. The app has to be easily scalable up to 1 million users as well as support all latest iPhone models and iOS versions.

Project overview

  • Duration

    3 months

  • Methodology


  • Technologies

    • Blockchain: Hyperledger Fabric
    • Backend: Java
    • Frontend: NodeJS, HTML, CSS, JavaScript
    • Database: CouchDB
  • Project Team

    • 2 iOS developers
    • 1 backend developer
    • 1 web developer
    • business analyst
    • designer
    • project manager
    • QA


Development of SRS, prototype design, and technical architecture was the first stage of the project, followed by the actual code writing. As the system needed to manage payments, we had to implement a high-security level in the app. The last month was devoted to system stabilization and launching. As a result, we’ve developed a multifunctional easy-to-use solution that enables companies to promote their goods and helps users to find the offers available on the market.

The solution comprises administrator dashboard and 2 apps: one for AdMark partners, one for their customers.

  • publish information about their offers and discounts;
  • see their target audience and its statistics (gender statistics, number of visits etc.);
  • see and respond to customers’ comments, complaints, and questions, thus getting to know their tastes and preferences;
  • acquire Gold status which entitles its owners to appear in top positions on the list of posts.

Customers’ app allows them to:

  • receive topical information about discounts and specials;
  • get recommendations on what companies are close to them;
  • add companies they like to Favorites;
  • comment and like/dislike posts, leave complaints about companies, ask them questions;
  • see companies’ working hours and contacts, map and route to the company they choose.

Administrators can moderate partners’ and customers’ activity. App allows them to:

  • see information and statistics about partners (payments, number of posts, views etc.) and download it;
  • send out news and posts about the app;
  • change some app’s settings;
  • moderate users’ comments.


AdMark is a complex solution comprising two mobile applications and a web interface for administration and analytics, which helps stores and boutiques to promote their offers and discounts, and also to connect more closely with their customers and provide them with better shopping experience.

Now we are working on implementing new features in the app.

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