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  • Business challenge

    Smartym Pro is an International software development company. In an approach to keep up with the market challenges, Smartym Pro made a decision to start providing outrageous design services in addition to web and mobile application development. The services should imply providing all the necessary design data and components to the clients. Final goal - receiving design orders.

  • Design challenge

    A competent Digital Product design team was the Smartym’s search target. It should cover a full process circle starting from Product Strategy and ending with digital Styleguide and UI design development.

  • Design of MVP page
  • Design of PWA page
  • Design of main page
  • Design of slider component

Stages of development

  • Discovery & Strategy

    1. Acceleration & Collaboration Workshops
    2. Personas
    3. Interview
    4. Competitor Analysis
    5. Journey Mapping
    6. Web-analytics Analysis
  • Solution Wireframing & Visual Exploration

    1. Information Architecture
    2. Proof of Concept
    3. Stylistic Solution
  • UI Design

    1. UI & Visual Design
    2. Visual Prototype
  • User Validation

    1. User Testing
    2. UI & Visual Design Update
  • Guides & Measurement Plan

    1. UI Kit
    2. Digital Styleguide
    3. Marketing Materials Guide
    4. Web-Analytics Measurement Plan
  • Design Review

    1. Development Support
    2. Design Review
    3. Perfomance Validation

Discovery & Strategy

In order to boost the team processes we conducted web-analysis and desk research, continuing with interactive collaboration workshops. Thus, we succeeded in forming a common vision on Competitors Context, Service Personas, Current and Target Customer Journey Maps, Design Principles as well as Product phases (both short and long term) to have a clear view of opportunities and complete a full-fledged plan.


Irreplaceable tool that helped set the structure and Smartym Pro customers’ priorities, define their perspectives and opportunities. This information would be validated later within a qualitative user research.

People and their goals, motivations, needs

Customer Journey Map

In addition to Proto-Personas, Current and Target Journey Maps enable the team to get a complete service picture, clarify the opportunities and get a “sneak peek” of how the current service structure will be transformed under the influence of the digital product.

Graphical roadmap with important points

Competitor analysis & Web-analytics

In this case competitor analysis represents SWOT analysis of main competitors’ design service structure. We utilized both offensive and defensive strategies in order to identify the suitable structure model for Smartym Pro also based on web-analytics results per each competitor. The concluding stage - combine in one framework all the relevant outcomes received at the end of the competitor analysis. Finally, we managed to specify our own effective strategy as well as implementation, monitoring and adjustment plans.

Charts and diagrams

Information Architecture

This is one of the most important functional parts of a product - a hierarchical structure of the future app’s screens with description. Information architecture’s goal is to organize content in a way that is easy for future users to adapt to the functionality of the product and so that they could effortlessly navigate.

Block schema of process development
Prototypes of pages and sections

UI & Visual Design

The key requirement was to create a minimalist style with blue color shades predominance. We took flat illustrations as a basis to quickly perceive the goals. During the SWOT analysis stage it was found out that Smartym Pro needs to acquire video content in order to attract more users’ interest.

Our main page design
MVP page, Design page and PWA page in full screen
About us page with team photo

Great on any screen under any circumstances

Any web product should work equally perfect on any device. We managed to achieve this with a fast and convenient navigation system and eye-pleasing information layout.

Style Guide & UI Library

For better project maintainability and support processes a large number of UI components and rules were created. We developed a full-fledged guide with all the parameters of components as well as strict rules and instructions on how to use them. It will help to establish favorable working conditions both for design and development teams.

  • Design examples of components
  • Design examples of colors, icons and buttons
  • Design examples of colors and typography

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