Virtual discount cards / Loyalty program

A mobile application—a customer loyalty program which would allow enterprises to promote their services, goods, and products, boost sales, and also enable users to receive discounts in favorite shops


  • Duration

    10,5 months

  • Category

    Featured, Mobile, UI/UX Design, Web

  • Project team

    • 4 developers
    • Project manager / Business Analyst
    • QA engineer
01 solution

Our first step

The project included several big stages. At first, we received a request on cross-platform app development for iOS and Android platforms. The application must include an admin panel for partners and regions management. The administrative part we wrote via MODx CMS, Apache Cordova for mobile apps, which took 1.5 months. As we faced many difficulties during cross-platform app development process, it was decided to make changes in the project and pass to native apps.

    02 solution

    our tactic was

    The second step consisted of the development of two apps for iOS and Android according to platforms’ guidelines. This stage took about 3 months and the result was the release of two modern applications with quality design and convenient interface.

    The third step was the most complicated and important for the customer. It consisted of customer loyalty program development. Also, the feature of connecting partners and managers for product development and promotion in their regions was implemented.

    These steps significantly complicated app business logic, so it was decided to implement it on Java as REST API, and also to separately develop an administrative interface with the use of AngularJs for partners and regional managers.

    03 solution

    we decided

    To complete this task we created a template of branded application for partners so that they can promote their products and services themselves, and establish communication with users. Also, we developed an app constructor that enables partners to receive their own branded application with minimum efforts and to directly communicate with their audience. This big development stage required 6 months.

    04 features

    our features

    As a result, we developed an effective and quality app—a customer loyalty program which:

    allows users to:

    • 01 find receive discounts

      from favorite places in the city/potential opponents

    • 02 collect points

      to exchange them later

    • 03 exchange points

      for presents and discounts

    • 04 participate

      in prize drawings

    • 05 store maps

      in the phone

    enables companies to:

    • 01 promote

      goods and services

    • 02 create

      customer loyalty

    • 03 create own

      branded application using app constructor

    • 04 get in touch

      with the users

    05 result

    Virtual discount cards / Loyalty program

    A modern native app which allows companies to promote their goods and services, build customer loyalty, boost sales as well as provide users with the opportunity to receive discounts, presents, special offers from favorite places and more. At the moment there over 5 000 app downloads and new cities and companies are constantly being added to the system. So, now there are more than 40 CIS states.

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